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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Carter's smiles and being fatties

Carter has been really smiley lately but they're so hard to catch a picture of!  He gets too distracted by the camera that he won't even look at you (especially with the video camera) so I have to try and be sneaky, hence the reason he looking in other directions!

I've begun wedging him into the couch and also in his boppy pillow so he can work on sitting up.

Carter once again with his girlfriend Capri chillin in the back seat.. no frisky business you two!!

I'm starting to think he needs a haircut soon.. he's got a wild mohawk

He loves me and here's the proof!

My brother Craig came to town last weekend from BYU Idaho, and Kent came over too. I made Belgian waffles one morning and joked that they could put ice cream on it. Wasn't a joke to them..

I caught the little sneak smiling!

Okay this is probably the funnest thing I've done in a long time, but we went with our buds Paul and Alicia (and babies) to a tumbling place last week. We all pretty much pulled a muscle somewhere but it was so fun for me at least to bust out some gymnastics after so much time! The only pics we took however were us as big fat sumo wrestlers!

I look like I'm killing poor Alicia!

Awww cute fatties

Aaron showing me no mercy

Paul and Alicia.. those man boobs are a great look for you Paul!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets

Okay since I was tagged and am expected to pass on the post, I will indulge my trusty readers with the best things I can come up with! (Most people already know me too well!)

*I'm shy in groups.. I come off as pretty outgoing but especially with a bunch of people I don't know, I feel extremely uncomfortable!

*I thought I would marry a tall Polynesian lol. Yeah, don't remind Aaron, but I always preferred dark guys and taller ones, but now that I'm happily married to my honeybunch, I wouldn't have it any other way! I'd say we just go together =)

*I really like teaching. And don't mind giving talks. Strange, I know.

*Once, in high school, I was cheerleading and doing flips as we started a football game. I tumbled straight into the athletic training table in front of the entire football team and crowd. Most embarrassing thing EVER!

*I've never felt uglier than those 18 months on a mission. So many insecurities and such a difficult time of my life, had I known beforehand, I probably wouldn't have gone! (Sounds bad I know). But I still don't regret it because it was simultaneously the best thing of my life up to that point.

*I'm a sucker for Desperate Housewives. Shouldn't be too surprising considering my status during the summer. I also can spend literally hours watching HGTV.

*I'm the biggest procrastinator.. Just ask my husband. There's a reason it's taken me 8 years to get my BACHELOR'S! I've got more of a party and have fun attitude than a sit-in-the-library-studying-for-hours mentaliy. BYU was never for me, yet that's where I'm graduating from. Interesting...

*I used to be the worst person with finances. And I can only report on this now because I feel like I've improved lol. However, since we've been married, Aaron has paid every single bill. He's just good at that. =)

*Wow, I'm starting to sound like a total schmuck so I better say something good... I do love being a mom and feel like it's what I was meant to do! I may not ever really have a career but raising Carter (and future kids) is already so rewarding, I love it! Oh, and I talk to my baby all the time, people must think I'm a lunatic.

*I'm a spelling champ- actually both Aaron and I won our school spelling bees in 5th grade. We have a great time playing each other in Scrabble, but I swear he cheats..

*I'm really vain about my hair, and have been like that since I was like 2. If it looks bad, I have like an anxiety attack til I can fix it.

*I hate honey. Won't touch it or smell it, let alone eat it. But I like brown sugar chunks.. lol the nasty dry ones. Not that I'll down it everyday, but if I'm baking and come across one, I'll eat it, shhhhhh don't tell.
*And finally, big boobs suck (TASHA!) Not cool when you're only 5'2"! Speaking of which, I don't mind being short, but short legs? Ew... no matter what I think I will always look chubby because of that!

I am tagging everyone who reads this!!!!!!!!!! And you better do it so I can know your secrets! After all, it's only fair... =)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Walkin in Memphis

The much anticipated Apx draft occurred yesterday in which we've found out we're headed to MEMPHIS, Tennessee this coming summer! We're pretty excited since we haven't really been to the south and I hear it's really pretty and fun!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Latest pics

Out little smiley man

Going on a walk on a sunny day =)

We pretty much had to force him to be on his tummy because he didn't like it too much at first, but he's doing lots better now and getting stronger

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nasty to Classy

Since we've been married, we've bought very few (if any) pieces of furniture. We've pretty much been using hand-me-downs that Aaron has had most his life. Sooo somehow I've set aside some time (sacrificed study time I admit) to attack a few DIY projects that I've seen online or in decorating magazines. You can't tell how bad this dresser looked but since it's probably 30 years old, it had lots of scratches and just looked old-school. Soooo I repainted the outside and wallpapered the drawers! And bought new knobs, it was all a very fun project, and luckily Carter slept the whole time =)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So long 2009

Well now that the vacations and holidays are over, we're back in Utah and finding things a little more complicated..

#1 I'm back in school... my last semester at BYU (Hallelujah!) and taking my final 2 classes plus a lab. One class consists of the required exercise physiology which I failed the first time around so everyone pray that I can pass it. That means a D.. yes I still need all the help I can get.

#2 No more excuses for pregnancy weight.. for me or Aaron. We've resolved to getting back to a healthier lifestyle which reminds me... I started working out hardcore before the holidays, and I don't mean wussy stuff. I'm talkin tae-bo and P90X and running outside. Legit workouts. Much to my dismay, that didn't make a dent in the scale. So we go off to Arizona for the break where the most exercise I got was an occasional walk and I ate TONS of delicious food. Lost 2 pounds. Now I'm no expert but my studies in nutrition and physical fitness tell me calories consumed should be less than calories expended to lose weight. NOT true for me apparently! I dunno why I bother..

Ya know, for the first time in my life I am unable to do a man's push-up. I don't say that to brag but since my gymnastics days, I always had lots of upper body strength. I've traded that in for a massive bustline and a gut. But yes I still love my baby! Carter will just become my weight for bench press...

#3 Aaron's schedule is getting crazy. He's working a lot whether it's at Apx at meetings, knocking, or recruiting but I'm getting excited for the team that's coming together (which means what wives I'll get to hang out with all summer!) The draft is in 2 weeks so that'll determine where we'll up and move to come April.
On a good note- well actually, all these things have been good in a way, but we're going on a cruise in less than 3 weeks with Apx! Funny that both me and Carter are going to Mexico and a cruise for the first time. I'm missing a week's worth of school, so like I said, pray I don't fail exercise phys..

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Vacation

Minor disclaimer.. after posting this I realized we've turned into total dorks about our baby! All we do is take pictures of him nonstop. Can't help it, we're just not all that exciting anymore!

For Christmas this year, we had a very warm and sunny week and a half! We went down to Chandler, AZ to Aaron's mom's house, then down to Sierra Vista to visit his dad. Carter did so well on the plane (it might be the Tylenol I gave him beforehand so his ears wouldn't hurt- yes, I drug my baby). It was so nice to escape the freezing, gross Utah weather and enjoy walks in 70 degree weather and eating nothing but good food!!

Our little family on Christmas morning. Carter was so silly in his Santa suit his Grandma Cherie gave him!

Daddy and baby Santa

Here's Grandpa Steve (Aaron's stepdad) who doesn't have kids or grandkids and I was really curious to see how he'd handle a baby. So cute! I think Steve had more fun with Carter than anyone else!

Carter loves his Grandma Belinda! It was so nice to have her watch the baby so we could get out and have some fun. We wish the Grandmas lived closer.

We were so spoiled for Christmas, especially Carter. We got a bjorn carrier and we LOVE it!

Aaron's cousin Natalie had a baby boy this year also so here's the grandmas with the babies.

The little babies (second cousins) with their great-great grandpa Jay..the sweetest old man you'll ever meet!

Natalie and I with Brady and Carter. Brady is just 3 months or so older.

Another Christmas outfit. He got several of them!

Carter being silly with his grandpa Dave (Aaron's dad)

I love this picture!! Carter really liked his Uncle Ryan, and I think Ryan really liked him back =)

The boys with their UNC gear.. just guess whose idea this was..

Trying to get a little exercise during the break in the pretty Arizona desert..We went on a few hikes and walks and I've never been a fan of the dry desert landscape but this place was pretty cool.

The fam posing by the cactus =)

So I really didn't think they made baby sunglasses this small, but Grandma Belinda spoiled us once again with a shopping spree for Carter, and these shades were a must!! Steve's hanky to keep Carter's head warm transformed him into our little thug baby!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


One night, about mid-December, I looked at our Christmas tree and thought- Man, I really feel like opening presents. I said this to Aaron, who I thought would make fun of me, but he was like, I do too! But he insisted we waited a few more days to celebrate our own little Christmas before taking off for the holidays to Arizona. Here's us trying to entertain Carter while getting him excited about Christmas!
When I got pregnant, I was excited at the thought of having a girl because of all the accessorizing and dressing up I could do. BUT I have found that little boys are just as fun! I couldn't resist buying Carter and Aaron these matching ties =)

And our little guy hangin out on the couch. He recently discovered his hands and loves to suck on his entire fist. It's very funny and loud.