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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

YAY for internet!!

A month feels like an eternity when you don't have the net to pass the time! I thoroughly missed my design blogs I stalk and keeping up with my friends!

Apx canceled our internet cuz I guess they had never agreed to pay for it in the first place, and after a MONTH of figuring out if and when the internet company was going to pick up our modems, we realized there was just a lot of miscommunication, and we just weren't going to be able to get internet again because it was gonna cost like $100 to reinstall and we're only gonna be here another month, so not worth it.
Out of desperation I posted a note by our mailboxes asking for help from any of our kind neighbors, offering money for them to share internet- namely, give out their password. Thanks to a friendly British girl in my building, I am currently typing on my deeply missed blog!

Anyhow, here's an update of the past couple weeks, and you're gonna see A LOT of Carter.. He's a lot cuter than we are.
I got him this new walker! He likes it.. sometimes. He's gotten so active that he rarely enjoys being confined, but it does help when he wants to see me but I'm trying to cook dinner or something.

This is for Grandma Cherie: I was describing the raspberry pacifiers, which he also isn't crazy about. They're for teething babies because they've got little ridges (Carter's got it in backwards as he is displaying it) but Carter thinks it's a mean trick I'm playing when I give him this and not the real binky. Speaking of teething, Carter is sprouting another tooth up top but it's not a front one... it's a side one so he's got this nasty snaggletooth!!!

His favorite spot- under the table and tangled in cords... naughty

We thank the Lord every night we were given a happy baby! 

Apx traditions: Every year they dive for dollars... Really, they dive for pennies and are given a dollar for each one. 800 pennies turns out to be a lot of money for these dudes!!

Last Sunday we finally made it to church! Quite a feat in the summer... we also headed to Kirtland since it's less than an hour away and were able to take a little church history tour! Here we're posing at the Newel K. Whitney store

Me and Carter outside the Temple. I really liked that we matched, me and the door =)

Beautiful! Owned by the Community of Christ, it was a little different but very cool to be in the Temple where Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared

Carter just chillin getting into mischief

Carter's mischief includes breaking my sunglasses! There is no lens, or a side to them any longer. I managed to get them on him to show him what he did but he wouldn't stay put long enough for a picture

But he thinks he's pretty funny, hamming it up for the camera with my sunglasses he broke!

Forgot about this little hat Grandma Belinda sent him til today, so we tried it out and he actually kept it on!

Found out about a week ago that Carter loves berry smoothies! How about that

Silly little guy perched in his stroller.. he loves to be outside and I am grateful for that!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kelly's Island and Carter's Mischief

I'm on a super old laptop and am having little success with my blog at this point, but these are some pics of Kelly's Island on Lake Erie, where we went with our friends Jake and Lauren! We took a ferry out on the island, went to the "beach" and rode around on golf carts.
Following pictures are Carter and his latest things he sneaks into: cards, my sunglasses that he broke, etc. He has also started sleeping on his knees with his bum in the air! It's so cute I must say =)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Our office won a competition last week and the reward was a trip to Cedar Point Amusement Park, the roller coaster capital of the world! The amusement park is in Sandusky, OH and sits right on a peninsula on Lake Erie.. it was way cool. We got rained on a little, but it really was a perfect day to go and we had so much fun!

Carter was a good boy and loved playing with daddy all day

Playing around as you can see

And then Carter was tuckered out

Family pic

Some of the girls waiting for our husbands on their ride: Holly, Malia, me and Tauna. The boys are super brave, and I am not. I'm a big baby when it comes to roller coasters but I did suck it up and try them out, and I enjoyed it =)

Justin, Jared and Aaron

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday and summer fun

Aaron and Carter playin in the pool

It's an Apx tradition to grease up a watermelon and play some sort of football in the pool.. usually ends up in a busted watermelon and pissed off apartment management!

My birthday was May 30, and the Saturday before, my girlfriends threw me a little birthday party out by the pool! Very fun

I'm such a good mom... I let my 7-month old lick the frosting off the candles =) Surprisingly he still eats his vegetables after all the sugar I sneak him

Aaron ALWAYS works on my birthday, but this year he had it off! So we left Carter with our friends and went kayaking on Lake Erie! It was really fun and relaxing.. I'm just not sure what Aaron's face is saying in this picture

Again, I spoiled my baby with some chocolate cake crumbs. As you can tell, he really likes it

That afternoon, we lounged outside since it was so nice and had a BBQ was some friends in our office.

Aaron got this North Carolina jersey for Christmas, and I don't mind it but it cracks me up cuz he looks like a total dad in it... a dad that should be BBQing in the summer... and look at this lucky coincidence!..

I love Carter's smiling face with his 2 little teeth! He's gotten really camera-friendly and knows when he needs to smile hehe