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Saturday, August 27, 2011


We are HOME and glad to be here. Here's some random pics of Mr Carter this past week.
Back in St Louis I was trying to get rid of our food, trying to cook only with what I had, and that was quite a challenge- poor Aaron had to eat the strange recipes I came up with! Glad I don't have a picky husband! (only a picky toddler... he won't pass up cookie dough though)

 Some family-related news: My stepmom had a baby! Here she is with little Lilly. So Carter has yet another aunt.. who is younger than him. And I now have another baby sister.
 Carter playing while I was packing
 This was shot on the day of Aaron's last work day out there! He went out selling though here in Utah the day we drove in.. Very committed, this man is. Today is his LAST DAY however for a while. Hernia surgery is next Tuesday =( Wish him luck!
 There was a helicopter outside the hotel we stayed at during our trip (somewhere in Colorado).
 I think Carter had missed all his toys we left behind.
 Getting very smart. How did he know that you need a screwdriver to fix the bunny?!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well we're not gone yet, BUT we are taking off this next Sunday, driving back to Utah.
We're supposed to be here 2 more weeks, but Aaron has a hernia! He has to get surgery but can't get seen by the doc for another week, so he's waiting it out, still working out here in St Louis for as long as he can. The hernia is getting worse every day and it's very worrisome to me, but Aaron has crazy good work ethic, so he's still out there knocking doors, trying to solidify our summer. Good husband. Poor husband. Crazy husband?
I'll be packing and cleaning and loading up the truck all by myself this weekend, so wish me luck!
Anyways, this past Sunday was our last one in St Louis so we tried to do the things we still wanted to, but nothing panned out. Our plan was to go up INSIDE the arch, but it was so crowded we gave up. We also wanted to see the Botanical Gardens but decided to let Carter run around a park and splash pad instead, but oh well, it was still a very fun day. =)
P.S. I'm kinda hooked on the instagram app.. too much fun!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Arizona trip

Carter and I took a little break from St Louis to visit Grandma Belinda and Grandpa Steve in Fountain Hills, AZ (outside of Scottsdale). We just got back a few nights ago, and had the funnest time!
We hit up the park while we were there and Grandpa Steve had a blast taking Carter on the playground toys.
Carter says "raaaarrr" when he sees a dinosaur, or tiger, or something of the like =)
Grandma with Carter in his car
He is saying "weeeeeeeee" all the way down =)
Big turtle
We went to the Train Park, as is becoming our tradition down there. Carter just calls train "choo choo" and it was really cute to watch him ride one!

They had a new museum with model trains that they're building, Carter was fascinated by them!

Then they had a little caboose they could actually play on, this was his favorite =)
There was small model train going around up above, he loved that too
Love this cute face!! Grandma Belinda has decided Carter looks most like my brother, Craig. I can totally see it

Oh this was so cute, Carter eating an ice cream cone, for the first time I believe.. He was distracted by yet another train going around the ceiling. =)
Back at Grandma's house, Carter ended up getting all his toys outside
Carter got into EVERYTHING possible.. he found a ladder in the pantry
Carter's great great Grandpa Jay chatting with Grandma Belinda outside their pool while Steve takes Carter for a swim

Carter was a gem on the plane and we are happy to be back with Aaron!!
Love this man!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ohhh Carter!

Carter has been very silly lately.
We went to get sushi downtown the other day and we walked around to look at shops for a bit, and ran into this fountain:
Needless to say, Carter really loves water
And I just love this pic
 We have a ritual every morning of getting Carter a cup of milk when he wakes up and turn on cartoons (because we're not awake enough to do anything else.. don't judge us!) I had gotten back from running and Carter decided he was obsessed with shoes, kept saying "shoes" over and over and wanted to wear his with his jammies. This is what he picked out. A croc, and a Church shoe, both for the left foot.
 And then he insisted on ME wearing shoes, so he helped me put them back on. Halfway, and on the wrong foot. lol I love it
 Yesterday, kinda on a whim, I decided it would be fun to attempt to take Carter to his first movie. Cars 2 has been out for a while, so I was hoping that an odd hour for a showing would mean we'd be the only ones there, which we were for a bit. Carter seemed very excited to be in a theater, but then the show started, more people showed up, and then Carter discovered the lighted stairs. And it was history. We left 40 min into the show, and I wasted $5 plus the ripoff for his hot dog! But at least I know he's not ready for this! We'll give it another 6 months =)
And tomorrow we are OFF to Arizona!! Visiting grandma Belinda, and prepping ourselves for the 115 degree weather ahhhh! We're excited, though for a fun little break from here. =)