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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Latest Happenings of this week

Twice this past week, I drove to Baltimore where the team was knocking, and met Aaron on his street to knock doors with him! By the second day, I was bored and got hungry and tired, so now I really know it takes a lot to keep that up everyday! I went down the second day with Bri, so she could knock with her fiance, Brian and afterwards, us four went to Chili's for dinner!
This was the first night after knocking, where we ALSO went to Chili's. It happens to be Aaron's favorite restaurant and we have fun there, as you can tell by our beautiful faces... Haha maybe we ate too much. This wonderful sign was hanging on the wall of the restaurant: "Approved PACKARD Service!"
Aaron's a pimp, I know... apparently he won some little competition for our office one week, and ended up with this bling...
We had a fun girl's day where me, Tasha, and her friend, Julie went to the Towson Mall to get pedicures and do a little shopping. Now I am not a Lost fan yet, but Tasha knows how to spot a celebrity!! John Locke from the show lives in Hawaii, but was visiting his wife who lives in Baltimore. And I'm an idiot and didn't get a picture with him! But at least Tasha did!

We went to the beach this last weekend in Ocean City with Tasha and Ryan, and their friend, Nicole who is visiting for the week. Aaron and Ryan had a little too much fun jumping on each other in the water..

So all the girls out here have dogs, kind of a little trend of Baltimore Apx wives. So here is me and Ryan, demonstrating OUR new "dogs" in a shop along the beach.
This doesn't look very exciting, but it's actually the LONGEST bridge I have ever seen in my life! It went on for miles.

Trip to Washington

Washington DC!This last Sunday after church, we went back to Washington DC (from Baltimore) with Alicia and Paul, from our team. We had already been a couple of times but hadn't managed to get any pictures til this trip. Here's the White House-- it's not as big as the movies show it!

We went to the Holocaust Museum, which was rumored to be very moving and just really cool. Luckily, it was free, but then again, all the passes were already gone so we didn't even get to see the coolest parts!

The squirrels up there are so big and friendly for some reason!

Here's me and Alicia at some historical building downtown. I don't even remember what it was!

Me and Aaron at the Washington Monument

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hershey Park

This weekend, we went to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania!
There are lots of rides and roller coasters, but my childhood fear of them came back (which is why I'm scared in line in this picture). I can't stand the ones that go in circles because it's a guarantee I'll get dizzy and sick for the rest of the day, but I got my nerve up to go on some of the big ones.. And yes both me and Aaron passed the height marks! =) Barely.
This is the first drop of the roller coaster I got freaked out on.We are huddled under a ledge after it started pouring and we got kicked off of 2 rides in a row since they couldn't operate!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Lovin

Every week, us wives get together for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!! This week we went to Paula's and had a good ol time with our favorite show. It's nice to be around so many girls that can have a good time and can forget about missing their husbands all day!
I wish I could say this was ours, but alas it's not. We can hope one day though for babies just as cute! My newest baby sister, Alice Kate Packard was born June 20th! I haven't seen her yet but she is ADORABLE!

After making the move from Signature Alert to Apx, many aspects of the summer have improved, including more girls around to hang out with so I don't get so bored or lonely! Two weeks in, and I have no complaints!

The Stepford Wives: Me, Tasha, and Alicia hangin out by the pool. We have very stressful and hectic lives!

Me and Aaron at an Apx dinner at Chili's after the team hitting their weekly goals. It was Aaron's best week of the summer.

More wives on our way to meet our husbands at the restaurant in their knocking area after an awesome week.

Me, Tasha and Alicia again at the lake. It was a failed attempt at being spontaneous, wanting to rent a paddle boat and lay out and swim, but alas, we had no cash , there was only fishing, and only 2 person boats! =( The highlight of the trip, however was getting threatened by a man who would not allow us to take pictures in front of the sign labeled "Fertility Clinic." We left so as not to have the cops called on us, feeling ticked off when he wished us the curse of not being able to have children. Let me tell ya, it is CRAZY back east!

Our 4th of July celebration. The guys had to work all day and evening, so we made a reservation at Texas Roadhouse and met them up in Harrisburg an hour and a half away from our Baltimore home. We rushed to catch the fireworks down by the waterfront and had a great time with this fun group.

Back when we were living in DC still we went to Famous Daves. That's a phoney smile on my face because for the first time, I was one of those annoying customers who complain about nasty food. It just wasn't the same out here.

The DC Zoo that had no animals except prairie dogs.

The harbor in Baltimore

We went to downtown DC while we were still living in Alexandria, and checked out some of the free Smithsonian museums. These were random monk sculptures outside a museum we apparently were NOT supposed to touch! Aaron was getting in on their secrets, and I was gettin fresh!

The Smithsonian Castle

Utah for Grandma Packard's funeral. It was a sad couple of days, but great to see the family- immediate and distant all together to celebrate a life well-lived.

Me with Grandma and Grandpa at my wedding luncheon at their house, a few months before she passed. My last picture with Grandma, it turned out so cute!


Aaron is so busy everday in the summer with sales, so we don't get out much. But when we do we try to see some sites in the DC/Baltimore area. This past weekend we went to Annapolis!

You know how some people get serious and boring after they get married? And then others who still need to grow up? We're the latter..

Annapolis from the boat

Aaron chillin on the boat, and us being weird.

Buddy's Restaurant enjoying the crab experience more than actually eating it! It was borderline disgusting..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wedding: April 25, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008 we were married for time and all eternity in the
Mt. Timpanogos Temple!

Aaron's family

My family

And after the wedding came the honeymoon..

On the plane from Utah to Ft. Lauderdale! Aaron likes to make this weird tongue face a lot.

We ended up at the mall one day, playing around at Brookstone.. Between Aaron pretending to be a Jedi, and me trying out the crazy ellipticals and massaging chairs, we thought it was time well spent!

After a few attempts at signing up for fun water entertainment and being shut down because of "choppy water," we were finally able, on our last day in Florida, to rent jet skis out on the ocean waves! It was a lot more intense than just a lake, and Aaron thought it was really funny to try to scare me while I got water splashed in my face and screamed the whole time!

Miami Beach: we made an hour drive down to the beach, which actually didn't seem as amazing as it's hyped up to be, but we had fun nonetheless.

We really like home decor stores, and found one after dinner at Trulucks's on Aaron's birthday.. We don't take each other very seriously.