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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Newborn photo session

More pics

Baby is pretty much passed out.. this is the look I see almost every time I feed him!
Aunt Val.. she loves him and insists on coming over almost everyday just so she can hold him.
Sleepy baby
Carter doesn't like apples.

Grandma Belinda came to town to help and was so great! Carter really likes her as his smile shows! This
picture cracks us up, he looks like a little man!
So if you look close, you can see how he peed his pants! Don't ask me how this happened, perhaps his diaper was ill-fitting but he just leaked all over the place!
I don't recall it being loud, but he fell asleep covering his ears =)
My family came to town and my three littlest siblings were so excited about baby Carter, they practically mauled him to death! It was so funny though to see their reaction. My stepmom Aimee is expecting a baby boy in January so he'll be in good hans with all these older siblings =)
Carter with his Grandpa and Grandma! My dad loves babies!

Four generations! My grandpa Packard, Dad and me with Carter.
Daddy playing with baby
I'm really sad that he's already outgrowing some of his newborn clothes! He gained a pound in the first 2 weeks, and got a double chin so obvoiusly he's eating well.  He's a sweetie!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carter's first week

Since his umbilical cord is still intact, we're giving sponge baths on the counter.. and as if his face does not give it away, he does NOT like it!
On Sunday, we went on our first walk.. I really needed to get out of the house and it was still warm enough for Aaron to push baby around the block.

One of our favorite outfits.. "Daddy's All-Star"

This is Carter with his future girlfriend, Capri! Alicia came over and brought her 4-week old, but they weren't digging the idea of having pictures taken.

Grandma Cherie (my mom) was in town all week and there for the birth. It was so great to have all her help!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Baby Story

Two weeks before I was due was when things started getting miserable for me. I had a great pregnancy but then everything started happening the last couple weeks that made things really hard, especially this super itchy rash I got on my belly that kept me up all night, scratching. (Pupps is what they call it and it effects like 1% of pregnant women, usually those pregnant with boys).  For weeks, doctors told me I was not dilated and I still had not dropped, I hadn't had any Braxton Hicks, or just any sign for that matter of going into labor on my own, but what I did have was increasingly itchy skin that drove me nuts. So my doc used that as an excuse to let me be induced a little early (4 days AFTER my due date).

We were scheduled to go to the hospital Wednesday, Nov. 4th at 7 in the morning, and lucky me, I couldn't sleep the night before because I was scratching my entire body for 2 hours before I fell asleep finally. But alas, 30 minutes later I woke up having contractions, and YES I actually went into labor on my own, I am still amazed! I woke up Aaron and my mom (who had just flown in the night before luckily) and waited out the contractions for the next couple hours at home, which actually were very regular and getting more difficult. We ended up going to the hospital at 7 anyways, but not to be induced, so really it was the ideal situation to have things fall into place naturally.

Can I say that I could never have been in labor naturally for very long- those couple hours were HORRIBLE! That epidural was the greatest invention of all creation, and knocked me out for pretty much the whole day. I HATED not eating or drinking though, that made me sooo sick. But to sum things up, I ended up having contractions and laboring for 16 hours, slowly progressing until I stopped dilating at a 7, and stayed there for 4 hours without anything else happening. The nurse had broken my water to find meconium leaking, which caused some panic since baby could ingest that stuff and have major problems.

The doc said thar baby was probably under stress, and I wasn't dilating further because my pelvis was too small or shaped weird, so baby couldn't descend anymore. So we decided on a c-section which I really didn't ever think I'd need.  Some people are all about doing things naturally, the normal way but I totally trusted the doctors, and I'm so glad I did, because Carter never would have made it trying to come out vaginally, plus he was posterior AND the cord was wrapped around his neck.

I was super whoozy and actually falling asleep during the surgery, but once he was out, he was the cutest thing ever, and I kinda forgot about everything else! They were worried about him getting infections from the meconium and he wasn't breathing at first, but after everything was sucked out and cleaned up, things were fine!!!

I'm amazed at modern technology and the skills that people have to make things like this happen. Like everyone always says, once you have your baby here, you forget all the pain and the hardships of pregnancy, and it's true! That whole day of labor, I was nauseated and was throwing up several times throughout the 2 days, then getting shaky and hot and sweaty, and all that uncomfortable stuff, but Carter is the sweetest thing and well worth the sacrifices!

We got to come home a day early (from Wednesday to Friday we were at the hospital which is short for a c-section) and it's the best thing to get back to normal!  My mom and especially Aaron have been so amazing and helpful! Aaron is a very proud dad and is so cute with Carter. =) We are very blessed!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby Carter James!!

Our precious baby was born November 4, 2009 at 7:51 pm. He was 8 pounds, 1 oz and 20.5 inches long. Just brought him home tonight!