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Thursday, February 16, 2012

James' Farewell & Valentines

My youngest brother James is now in the MTC, on his way to Atlanta for his mission. Poor guy has been so antsy and ready to go, so we were glad to send him off, although we will really miss him =(
We drove up to Portland just for the weekend.
Carter was so happy to be out of the car, that he laid on the floor at Denny's. So disgusting. He obviously doesn't mind it at all
I shot these pictures while out for a run. You just can't beat the pretty greenery in Oregon!
 Me and Mr. James before his farewell talk at church
 Cute, disheveled Carter at Church with my (half) brother Luke. They are so cute, and had really missed each other =)
 Me and my handsome husband after church
James flew in yesterday morning, so we took him to Kneaders for some French toast, then sent him on his way at the MTC. 

 James with Grandpa Packard, who gave him plenty of advice before taking off ;)
And we got a new pic of my other brother Kent! He's out serving in Houston right now. I have such awesome, handsome brothers =)

For Valentines Day this year, I actually planned it. I am very sucky at planning anything, so Aaron was happy for a break =) We left Carter overnight with our friends while we played all afternoon and evening. I had a posing class for my fitness competition, and then we got in a workout at the gym. We ended up going to sushi for dinner, and a movie, then stayed the night at the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake. I love short trips like this, to just get away for a bit, but that doesn't require a huge amount of planning or money. I love Aaron- he's the best husband ever, and has been hugely supportive with my training and eating right for my upcoming show!

Monday, February 6, 2012

When the cat's away, the mice will play

Aaron's the cat. Me and Carter are the mice =)
 I made Valentine cookies despite the fact that I'm on a strict diet, and despite the fact that my son is the pickiest eater and I am trying desperately to get him eating healthy. FAIL.
 No pants + mommy's running shoes= awesome
 Another wonderful well-rounded meal. For breakfast I tried to offer him EVERYTHING. Oatmeal- no, cereal- no, applesauce- no. I keep making normal food for him, thinking one of these days he'll eat it, and then he won't touch it, and I get SO frustrated, like it really makes me mad seeing good food go to waste that he usually likes! I finally caved this particular morning, picked him up and showed him in the cupboard, and told him to pick out his breakfast.  SPRINKLES. Awesome nutritious choice there Carter. I gladly accept any advice for feeding toddlers at this point!!
 On a less stressful note, me sister Val and I had a baby shower for our cousin, Heather! It was just in time- she had her baby the very next day =)
 Val and Heather. Tender

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aaron's trips

Aaron's been gone a lot lately on knocking trips and recruiting, and such. I'm used to it. A couple weeks ago, he got to go to the Denver Broncos vs Patriots game (he's a big Tebow fan)!
I just found the pics and wanted to post em!

 And this is Aaron with his good buddy Ryan at Vivint. Apparently Ryan lost some bet and had to wear a UNC jersey (he's a Duke fan). Silly boys =)
Aaron's taking off this weekend for yet another trip.. but to HOUSTON where we're headed this summer. Can't believe it's coming up already!!
As for me and Carter, we just hang out and try to find fun things to do. Good thing he likes Kids Club because I've had to spend an awful lot of time in the gym lately!