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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu origins

Compliments of my Aunt Michelle. I personally think this "pandemic" has been blown outta proportions. It's not that uncommon for a baby to die of the normal flu, and there's only been one death. I happened to just buy a huge ham and have been feeding my husband and brother pork like everyday. We're fine.

Aaron's 28th

Tuesday was Aaron's 28th birthday, yay! Celebrations get kind of limited during the summer, since he works all day. And I even was reminded of one of the reasons I hate the summer- when you expect them home a certain time, and they're over an hour late, especially when you've planned something! The Chili's take-out was dang cold by the time he got home at almost 10, but we had a good time anyways.
First time making Texas Sheet Cake, Aaron's fav... turned out tasty

Some amigos from the team came over to have some cake and celebrate with us. Hopefully we'll try to get out and do something fun this weekend since there just isn't time during the week.

Haha squirrel cheeks!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I miss my goldies

One of the wonderful things about serving a mission in Brazil meant learning about HAVAIANAS. The best flip flop in the world that is comfortable and lasts forever! And not to mention stylish! Down yonder, they're like $5 so of course the U.S. will charge an arm and a leg, UNLESS they are purchashed from Amazon or Nordstrom Rack or something. I loved my goldies last year, until I finally wore them out, but I intend to buy more because I miss them as much as I miss my Brazis!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fort Myers

This is our apartment building right on the edge of a little lake! There are ducks everywhere and rumored to have otters and alligators, which doesn't seem like both would exist in the same water, but what do I know? I've been out to the pool twice, and that's been sooo nice in this 90 degree weather. One beach is about 5 minutes away (Fort Myers Beach) and a further one, like 10 minutes away is even prettier!! I'm excited for this summer and glad I can relax and not stress so much about school for a while!Sanibel is the further beach and you have to cross a bridge onto this island. The water is turquoise, the sand is white and clean, and the whole beach is beautiful. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!! Yesterday was our 1st anniversary and we had a GREAT day having fun just the two of us. Aaron had some good ideas and they happened to be like all my favorite things: shopping at the outlets, walking along the beach, couples massages at the spa and dinner at a fancy Hibachi Japanese grill/sushi bar. Aaron never takes off work during the summer, so luckily it was still technically preseason and he already planned on us just spending time together and I loved it!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby's cookin away!

We had our 2nd doctor's appt yesterday and all is well. The baby's heartbeat was super easy to find and very loud and the nurse's educated guess was that it's a boy... but then she's always wrong, she says. Sooooo does that mean it's a girl?? Either way, it's about the size of a lime, at 12 weeks. =) I guess it's developed its reflexes, so if we poke it, it will jump! Poor thing... Perhaps this is what our baby looks like right now... lol!

FoRt mYeRs fLoRiDa

Aaron has already begun the trip out to Fort Myers in our little Civic that decided to die out on us yesterday- something's messed up with the battery, but luckily he in good hands. Erik, who is caravaning with him, happens to know cars pretty well, and so far so good!

As soon as finals are done (dang those finals!) I will be flying out, on Tuesday to be exact. I guess in a sense those finals saved me from 3 days sitting in that little car again, having to yell at Aaron to pull over so I can pee about every 2 hours.

These are our apartments, right on a lake! They look cute, and they are surprisingly cheap.. like cheaper than we charge rent for our condo.. and it's Florida! By the beach. But alas, I'm not complaining, I am more than ready for a break from Utah and a semester off of studying!


Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter time!
Spring looks like it's finally here!.... until it snows again of course. Aaron was in Yakima, WA all week getting some more pre-season sales and training my brother... and playing with my family including golfing with my dad. I hate being all by myself for a whole week! But he got back Saturday night and we dyed some eggs just in time for Easter! I was particularly proud of these..

We had a fun Easter dinner with Julie & Clint (and Caden!) and Val & Taylor and played some games afterwards. Jules made this delicious chocolate trifle yummmmmm it was good.