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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why I love BYU

Well this past week Carter was sick. Very sick with the stomach flu, throwing up and diarrhea everyday for 7 long days!!! He is finally better and we are all very happy about that! Aaron got this flu also, but I escaped as I always do ;)

Coincidentally Carter happened to barf on a new green throw blanket I just got for $20 at TJ Maxx, so I was very annoyed, especially since this throw had to be dry cleaned.

While out running errands, I come across a dry cleaners by my house, and think "sweet, this is convenient." I give the lady my blanket, she promises it'll be done next week, and then as I'm walking out I realize I forgot to ask how much it would cost. "$21 dollars," she tells me. WHAT! More than the blanket cost me!!

I say screw that, I don't like to be ripped off and I take my blanket back and decide to risk it and wash it by hand at home.

BUT I remembered that I am a fan of BYU laundry, they have been very good to me in the past. I call em up, asking for a quote. "$6," the girl tells me. UMMM that's right.

So I dropped it off today, and guess how much it actually will cost....................... $3!!

And that is why I love BYU

And here's a little tidbit I came across today: You know you're in Utah when.....
President Monson appears on your weekly Walmart ad!

Also check out my latest project on my blog:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Will walk for brownies

Our little Carter bug is pretty much walking! A few enticements definitely help...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Since we've been home...

Here's a random shot of Carter rummaging through the fridge.
And then this past weekend we headed up to Yakima, WA to spend some time with my family and be with Kent for his mission farewell.
Here's my (half) brother Joseph, who is 8 months taking a bath with his nephew, Carter! They both kinda look like deer in the headlights haha

 The 4 little ones: Joseph, Alice, Mia, and Luke.
The girls' dresses deserve some explanation: my parents had just gotten back from a trip to Europe and brought them these dresses from Germany or somewhere. They looked pretty dang cute

Aaron with Carter- Carter is wearing Luke's dracula cape
 A few of the boys: Craig, Kent, and baby Joseph
 Smily Carter

Sunday, September 12, 2010

We're Baaaaaack!

Okay it has been FOREVER since I blogged and I guess our biggest news is that we're back in Utah after 4+ long months! Aaron did awesome this summer, it was a pretty good season for our team and we're just glad to be done. Carter took a few days adjusting back to our house (and he's also soooo close to walking) but it feels so good to have things back to normal... and it also feels weird great that I don't have to go back to school =)

So Aaron did the extension for 2 extra weeks in Cleveland after me and Carter flew back so we've been missing him lately. Aaron was going to be back today but actually surprised us, and showed up 4 days early!! This meant lots of lying to me as he was on the road, saying he was working really hard, and for the record I did catch on and had high suspicions that he was coming home early, but I was surprised nonetheless!

Anyhow, the first thing Aaron wanted to do when he got home of a long summer with hard work, was go for a hike. So we went out and bought a baby carrier and headed up to Midway...

This is Carter before we left with his SKINNY JEANS on... Aaron hates skinny jeans on girls, but especially on guys so I was so surprised when he let me buy some for Carter but hello, they're so dang cute!

Carter was loving the ride =)

He got a little sleepy but still managed to strike this pose.. so silly!

It was so pretty on our little trail- only 2 miles but we didn't want to overdo it with a kid in tow hehe

Cartito and mommy

Just chillin in his carrier

I'm surprised that Carter isn't really scared of much... he loves slides and swings

Family pic!

And we just about hit a deer like 12 times... they are everywhere up there!

And then on the way back, we had a major impulse buy.... Aaron bought me a mountain bike! He's really into that and I haven't really been.. in fact you shoulda seen me try to get on this bike and ride it around, it was embarrassing. But once we took it home and I rode it around the block a few times, it came back to me, just like they say =) So now we're planning to just get those carriers to wheel Carter behind us and we're all set for some fun bike rides this fall! Love my hubs!