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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We have moved :/


So we had it pretty nice when we lived 15 min outside of Cleveland but we now are living in a hotel... an extended stay at least but it is in the middle of nowhere in Findlay, OH. It's not that bad actually- I just have to find things to do around here, and Carter has adjusted nicely. Here's some pics from before we left...

Carter chillin in his little seat

He discovered how to stand, and pull himself up on EVERYTHING. The dishwasher was very exciting for him, and he helped me unload it, throwing everything onto the floor

While me and Aaron packed the truck, Carter played out on the grass since he had no more toys

I love this pic... standing up on his tippy toes to see what's in the box =)

Crawled into the nasty bathroom cupboards

Here's Carter lovin the mirrored closet in our little hotel room.

Also loves the toilet, and really anything in the bathroom

Chillin in the walker watching Baby Einstein (you know this means I was trying really hard to entertain him while I got things done)

He was sooo excited to learn that he could stand himself up in his pack n play. We know he's awake in the morning when he's laughing.. and yep he sleeps right there with us in our only room

We just found out there's fishies at Walmart!

Short legs, getting into mischief
Don't look at my weird wrinkly neck.. I hope it doesn't usually look like that, sick! Anyhow Carter loves baths!

Hotels don't have tables and chairs, thus Daddy and baby are eating their breakfast on the "kitchen" floor!

Carter loves kids and dogs. He really likes Callie and Shade, Paityn's dogs, and he's also got this funny pose he does on his side. He's so silly

Carter chillin with his bud Kaden! They're so cute

Back to Cleveland:
I had gotten Aaron Indians tickets for his birthday back in April so we went this past weekend. It rained on the 2 hour drive back east, but the game was perfect weather! And Carter even caught a ball at his very first MLB game! 

We had great seats behind home plate, and this funny guy in yellow behind Aaron was so friendly and nice to Carter.. when the baseball (hit by Matt Laporta of the Indians) came our way, Aaron tried to catch it but it bounced outta his hand and was snatched by another fan. But this guy behind us was like "give it to the baby!" So the guy woulda looked like a total jerk and gave up the ball.. to Carter!

Family pic, and Carter with his ball!

He was good the first 2 hours, then fell asleep

He's still passed out but we sure had fun!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Amazing!!! Me and Paityn scrounged for tickets to see Lady Gaga in Cleveland (at the arena where Lebron USED to play). She is SOOO amazing live, and she's so talented. Writes every one of her songs, and each one is a mega hit. The show was so entertaining as were the costumes (of course! It's freakin Lady Gaga). Now just to warn, this is not a concert for your parents. Nor your kids. Gaga is controversial and goes for shock value. And clearly must be an idol for the gay community. But whatever, her show rocked!

Opening band: Semiprecious Weapons. They sucked. Non-creative lyrics and the lead singer's cross dressing was not appealing to me.  Too bad I don't have a close-up on his sparkly glitter boots!


The set was rad.. so many changes and effects. This shaggy cream figure in the center is her =)

The nude nun look

So she's amazing on the piano, I hadn't known. She sang a slower song, Speechless, which was one of my favs. Oh and she has a killer butt. How could I tell you ask? Because it was hanging out with every costume ;)


Loved it!! Great way to leave Cleveland before we move west to Findlay in 3 days

And thanks to Holly who watched Carter so I could go to this concert. I haven't done anything like this since he was born, so it was a nice break! Clearly he really likes Holly =)

You'll shoot yer eye out!

Who knew that the beloved house from the Christmas Story is in Cleveland? Only 10 minutes from church one Sunday and we decided to drive by and see it downtown. It's kinda in the ghetto, just in a random neighborhood, and it's strictly a tourist attraction.. We didn't want to spend $8 a piece to take a tour inside but I still thought it was pretty cool! (PS the movie takes place in Indiana apparently.. weird). 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Carter's teething

Gotta love kids!!
This is kinda what I feel like lately! A little exhausted and beat up from trying to soothe an ornery, teething baby. The poor guy is miserable and possible running a fever, so I do feel bad. None of us are getting as much sleep as we'd like. I've tried many things, but I don't think he'll be back to his normal happy self til his tooth is up!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Days

Oh the good times in Cleveland, Ohio! A few weeks ago, us girls went to a Strongsville community rib BBQ cookoff! It was fun and tasty

We are all lookin a little shabby (and sunburnt!), but we were waiting for our husbands to get home one night, and it happened to be Lauren's birthday! (in the middle) so we made up some cupcakes and took them over. We decided we need to do more late night get-togethers after the kids go to sleep, because we got very silly!

4th of July! Yes, Carter's first, and he had lots of fun. We headed to Cleveland, right on Lake Erie with our friends for a BBQ, it was great