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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well we finally got our ultrasound today (at 17.5 weeks) and I'm so excited that we're having a little boy! For the longest time I was certain it was a girl- I kept dreaming about baby girls, and honestly wanted one. Aaron, on the other hand wanted a boy (of course!) and it seems like the husband always gets the baby he wants! I can't complain though, it was really cool to see the little guy and I couldn't be happier! Ironic that I wore blue today... I think literally everyone in both our families knew it was going to be a boy, I dunno how. But we don't disappoint! My mom's theory is that she got sicker in pregnancy with girls, but didn't have it so bad with boys, and basically that seemed true with me too since I never got morning sickness all that bad. It'll be really fun and cute for Aaron to have a little tike to play with and teach golf and how to be a salesman. =)

So I have no scanner nor access to one, so I attempted to take pictures of our ultrasound pictures. Here's the side view of baby boy with his head on the left.This picture is labeled BOY in the upper left, and looking closely there is a little white arrow pointing to the "boy part" but we just can't figure out what view this is!This is my favorite.. it's the side view of his head and body, but he's holding his arm up by the side of his face!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Lovin

Lately the weather in Florida has been questionable.. raining almost every day (poor boys out knocking- I feel so bad!) But both Aaron and my bro Craig have been doing well, and we've been able to get out and have some fun when we get a chance! This was last Sunday by the pool.. Regional Manager Scottie Brown came to town... and even though Aaron knows I HATE video games, I let them be on this particular day... I guess they need their break from hard work!
Yesterday we went to the Shell Factory where they have a miniature zoo
I like how this shark has a backdrop... and it's so ghetto that the back curtain isn't big enough
This pirate was HOT let me tell ya... that long hair and missing teeth really is attractive...There was an aviary(?) where you can actually go inside with the birds, turtles, etc. and pet them! This turtle was huge.. and heavy!
This was the best picture we could get with me close to a peacock, but wow those birds are so gorgeous!Aaron (you can see how hot and humid it was from the sweatiness!) holding some kind of desert lizard.
This past Saturday night, the boys hit their goal and we headed out to Famous Dave's on Apx! I love this picture, how Paden has a dumbfounded look on his face, Jason is WAY happy, baby Janice is wanting to chow down, and Kaitlyn looks like she's trying to cover up with her bag hahaha!!!
The other table... of mostly the single guys and some newcomers for the week!
Well I look nasty, but Tauna and Breydon look cute! Good times with some good BBQ

Monday, May 11, 2009

Got Crabs?

On Mother's Day, after our lovely Sunday meetings in which I received my first Mother's Day chocolates in Sacrament meeting, we headed to "Lover's Key" to hang out on the beach since there really is nothing to do on Sundays and I REFUSE to sit in the house any longer. I do that everyday. So we gathered up some boys- reps from the team, to our newly discovered area of beach. I have never been in ocean water so warm. Being the only girl and not about to get hurled around in the water by these boys, I hung out on the sand, "guarding" my purse and our belongings while I observe the 5 boys anxiously digging for sand crabs once again!

Note Aaron's new buzz cut!! He made me buzz it with his clippers which I did not know how to use- I was doing it backwards the whole time apparently. He ended up doing it himself... and what do ya know? It turned out cute!Not only did they find some crabs, but the people next to us on the beach were fishing and the girl caught a baby hammerhead shark!!! Aaron went to snap a picture but was too late since they flung it back into the ocean!! Why??? I DON'T KNOW!! So that thing can procreate and amputate someone next time? Silly boys: Patrick and then Jarom and Tim strikin a pose

Good thing they get along... I saw them playing what looked like freeze dunk tag- there always has to be competition and it always has to get rough. Typical boys!

I think they had planned on doing a chicken fight but ended up pulling a cheerleading stunt, with Aaron as the spotter haha!!

And great was the fall of it...

Me and little bro Craig showing off his farmer's tan... er.. I mean muscles.

Saturday night Aaron came home WAY late, but at least called me to tell me he had to run to Wal-mart for "ice cream." He is not a very good liar- I can always tell when he's up to something!! He brought me home some flowers for Mother's Day and a chick flick (Bride Wars- I've been meaning to rent it!) He's a sweetheart and I'm very lucky! Not that I really feel like a mom quite yet, but it was a really fun first Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

An angry sandcrab we found on the beach. He actually starting foaming at the mouth, no joke

If you thought Craig was short before....
We're silly

Here's our little apartment- or at least the corner of it! If you look closely there is a slight baby bump! Small, but growing, since this skirt barely fits and it used to be big.. this might be the last time I can wear it in a while... so sad =(