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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goin GLAM!

SOOO Aaron is out of town. I have lots of free time at night so of course I spend it scouring the internet for the COOLEST rooms and accessories that I can't wait to own! It's kind of a little obsession but sooo fun, let me tell ya. AND I'm so excited that I finally can put a word to my style preference.. (I don't like contemporary or traditional). I had no idea what to call it til a show on HGTV (go figure) taught me: Hollywood Regency/Glam... just more modern. =) I've always had a girly tendency so I guess it's no surprise that I love sparkly, GLAM things! Things that are luxurious and expensive..
These are SO fun, most are from Z Gallerie, my favorie store EVER!! It's even pretty affordable
Beautiful yes??

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day!

So this has nothing to do with V-day, but I bought this cute shirt for Carter the other day and I love it! Crazy 8 is like my new favorite kids store =)

So Valentine's Day morning (actually Saturday since we kinda celebrated it that day), Aaron was awful sneaky with his two buds Jared and Ryan..Aaron wouldn't let me come home after I went to the gym because he and Jared were secretly making these fruit flowers!! They're those "edible arrangements" except my creative husband made it himself so it's extra special!! I was impressed.

The boys had had a busy day while I was gone and crashed before we all went to dinner. Carter LOVES sleeping on us like this, it's pretty much the only way he'll take a good nap.
I was kind of worried that Carter was going to ruin our Valentine's Day cuz Aaron said Carter was needy and whiny all day and we had dinner and a movie planned (and no babysitter). But we are proud to say that we have such a good baby... he slept all through dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant and then when we went to the theater to see the Valentine's Day movie, Carter watched most of it or slept and didn't make a peep! We are so lucky that our baby still has not freaked out in public.. yet...

Great Grandma Lula turned 103!!!
On Sunday, my extended family threw a party for my great grandma's birthday. How cute is she?! My sister Val and I had to get some pictures, I dunno how many more years she's got although she gets around really well and is still very sharp and mentally sound!

And to top off our Valentine's weekend, we snapped a very typical shot of Carter with his entire fist in his mouth... he does this a lot!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Carter: 3+ months

Carter just learned to roll over last week! It kinda came out of nowhere, and he isn't super consistent.. it's usually when he gets frustrated and mad at being on his tummy!

Chunky legs =) My brother Kent thinks his hair makes him look like a WHO from the Grinch lol

I tried to get him to read a book

So a friend of mine told me their baby sleeps through the night in a Snuggle-me sack, so I went out the next day and bought one really hoping it would do the trick... it didn't.

Carter with his 2nd cousin, Liam =) They were born one day apart and will certainly be best buds!

I love this pic- he looks so chubby!

This is Carter sleeping in OUR bed, not his crib. So the story is that most of the time when he wakes up in the middle of the night to eat, I grab him from his crib and bring him in our bed to feed him.. where we both fall asleep. I have discovered though that this little sneak wakes up and cries not because he's hungry, but because he wants to come sleep with us!! I'm nervous because it's not safe, but it's so hard because all 3 of us get better sleep. Carter is so tricky though, he wouldn't even eat the other night and he cried, but he stopped when I cuddled him in our bed and then he fell asleep. Smart baby.

Friday, February 5, 2010

To the random person who's reading my blog..

Well, for lack of a better term, looks like I've got a blog stalker. (You know who you are!!) I don't mean to be rude because really your comment was very kind- but I just can't figure out how you found my blog and if I should know you from somewhere or if you happened upon my blog and thought my baby was really cute. In which case I do appreciate the compliment.

However, although you are probably a very nice and normal person, I'm thinking of going dark (thanks for the phrase, Jack Bauer), to avoid potential crazies from reading a little too much about our family. (Not that we're that interesting or have juicy things to share, but ya know..). So to my trusty readers who I am acquainted with: how do you make a blog private?! I don't know!