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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall in Utah is so pretty!

Well, as if we weren't nerdy enough, we went on yet another drive to see the fall colors up Provo Canyon.. and they were even prettier this week! Fall is my favorite season with all the leaves changing, and we don't have a lot to do on Sundays so it was a nice little drive.

And here's Carter's room mostly done... at least the crib part since we finally found a mattress and got it all set up.  So this is the bedding I had LOTS of drama with... I fell in love with it to find it was discontinued, then I scoured the internet til I found it on ebay, ordered it, then when it finally came 7 weeks later, I was TOTALLY disappointed! The light blue wasn't as bright as I thought it would be, and the green was like LIME which I do not like, so I was super mad, to find it was non-returnable as well.  SO, I've learned my lesson but also have come to like it a lot more, and am trying to deal with it the best I can!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun times!!

Yesterday, my friend Alicia threw me a little baby shower at California Pizza Kitchen! It's always fun to hang out with just the girls, and especially since the majority were pregnant or had already had a baby, conversation became very humorous. We just missed Angela, Paula, Tauna and Noelle in this picture who had to take off early  =(

My diaper cake, compliments of Tash =)

After Church on Sunday, we decided to drive up Provo Canyon and see if the leaves were turning colors yet, since Fall is my favorite! Funny enough, we drove up to Squaw Peak and we thought about talking to the couples pulled over just to point at my belly and be like... this is you in 9 months!  Although the leaves weren't quite what I was hoping for, it was still really pretty up there.

This was me and Alicia from her baby shower, due 10 days apart. My belly fits nicely right under hers =)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No longer husbandless

Aaron finally made it back... and got straight to work! Our crib came in, so he spent a few hours putting it together. Everything was going smoothly til these 2 certain pieces wouldn't fit right and a few colorful words flew out but hey, I couldn't have figured it out myself! We spent the last couple days cleaning out our place, going through junk and organizing (Aaron is better at this than I am) and figuring out once again our budget for this year (again, not my strongpoint!) It sure is nice to feel normal again with Aaron home and things getting settled!
The almost-finished crib... my baby bedding turned out disastrous but I'm trying to still work with it since I can't return it, and I'll post a picture once I get the room all looking good =)
Aaron is technically still selling for the Apx extension, and chose to come back and finish here in Utah instead of waiting til the end of September. I was very glad about this. He's still knocking doors but it's so nice to have him come home at a decent hour and not have to eat dinner at 11 pm!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I was overjoyed to get out of Florida last Saturday. I basically just felt like I had nothing in common with people of Miami, and the heat + humidity is my worst enemy. The summer wasn't all that bad- in fact Aaron really did well with work- but there's no place like home.. in Orem, UT.

Unfortunately I am in our home by my lonesome while Aaron is doing the extended season in Lubbock, Texas.. poor guy. You think the summer's almost over and knocking doors is put on hold....and then they entice you with a tempting payscale and fancy new equipment that promises greater sales and lots of success in just a few extra weeks of work. Luckily, his first week out there has been going well, and while I miss him a lot (this is gonna be the longest we've been apart), it'll be a nice bonus towards paying off some things we really need to.

In the meantime, me and my prego friend Alicia (whose hubs is also in Texas with Aaron) have been trying to stay busy, shopping for baby things or finding projects to do for our babies' rooms. I'm also attempting to sell a lot of our worthless, space-hogging furniture on Craig's List and make room for Carter! I haven't had too much success yet.. =(

I will admit that after a few weeks of insecurities and worries of the discomforts of getting "big," I've accepted that it's okay and normal and that I'm lucky to have a healthy baby. After all, I could look like this.....