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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trip to Washington!

Hello trusty family and friends who still read this blog....
We've actually been quite busy as of late, with house hunting (which has been unsuccessful) and some road trips.

Our latest trip was to Seattle, then Yakima to see Aaron's family, then mine. I'm sick of road trips big time. BUT we did have a great time so I can't complain!

Aaron's brother Ryan lives in Redmond, outside of Seattle (works for microsoft). He just bought a boat so we got to try it out!!
This was Carter's first boat ride, and he loved it. The life jacket? Not so much..

 Aaron, back a few months ago when he found out he needed hernia surgery was SUPER bummed because we were looking forward to this trip and for him to be able to wakeboard. BUT he got the go-ahead from the doc...

 And there he is!!

 Mr Captain Ryan ;)
 Aaron's dad and stepmom flew in, so that was fun to spend some time with them. I LOVE this picture... they had such a good time with Carter

Along the pier, we decided to all go to the aquarium..
 Don't let Aaron's rapist beard scare you!!.. he has since shaved it off, and is handsome as ever ;)
 Yours truly, being weird, waiting for divers to come feed the fish in the dome
 Carter got a kick outta the seagulls and tried to feed them his graham crackers

 The pier.. i heart seattle

 We also met up with some good friends, John and Danielle and took our kids to the children's museum and to Red Robin =) Stupid me forgot to get a picture!

If you're in Seattle, it just makes sense to eat seafood. We went to a sushi restaurant, with the food running on a conveyor belt. Genius idea, so fun, and ended up cheaper than what we usually pay! Wish we had one around  here...

So on to Yakima to see my family...
Twice, we went to my parents restaurant. The food is so delish!
Here's my little bro James, who is preparing for his mission, I will miss him =(

 Back at my dad's house, my dad is showing Aaron the 4-wheelers that we all rode around the fields by our house. We later went "camping" in the woods outside of Yakima for a day trip. Camping is not my thing, does that surprise anyone? I can handle a day, though when it's nice out and we get to ride around on quads. We DID have 6 kids there under 6 though, that does make it a little harder!

 My little bro Luke, on his kids ATV =)
 Mia and Alice.. so cute. 
 Mia + Alice + Joseph! Oh they are so funny. And little Jo Jo here is the cuddliest, sweetest little baby!
 Dad with the little ones about to go for a ride =)
 And the newest addition, baby Lilly. Soooo sweet, and has to be held all the time. I can't say I mind =)

We went to MONTANA on the way home but I haven't gotten pictures back yet, workin on it.
We're back in Utah, loving the warm weather, and are still house hunting, leaning now more towards building. Mr. Carter has a blast running around empty houses, and rolling around in homes halfway built, covered in sheetrock....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

busy busy busy

Yup, it's right now.. the summer is over, Aaron is burned out from working, and we all just want to play! And that is what we're doing.
That, and a LOT of house hunting, but there's not much to update about that...

Here's some Carter updates---
1. Carter has become even MORE picky.. i didn't think it was possible. His staples include milk, strawberries, and goldfish. And sometimes chicken nuggets. We are digressing rapidly. He won't touch hot dogs anymore, nor mac & cheese, pizza, eggs, or any other food normal kids eat. It is so frustrating! I'm sick of trying to give him things he should like, just to have it wasted (or me eating the leftovers-- bad mom!)
This particular evening I had made chicken cordon bleu, and made Carter nothing. After all, he won't eat! I put the pan in front of him, and he picked up a chicken and bit into it.. and ate about half. I almost cried for joy. Didn't last long though... he still only wants goldfish.

 Carter man perched on Roxy's seat. Roxy is my sister's dog. 
 Carter is naughty about staying in his car seat. Buckled of course he can't get out, but the top snap, he has figured out how to undo it, and then pull his arms out. Not safe... we gotta fix that.
We were parked though one day, and Carter thought it was fun to climb in and out of the truck window. Boys...
 I think he likes this rug... he passes out on it a lot. (but hey, it's like 10 times softer than the nasty carpet we've got, so I'd prefer that too!)

This past week, we went with our friends, the Brown's to Trafalga..
Aaron is growing a rapist beard. Someone please tell him he looks scary so he will shave it and stop scraping me with it! lol

 Kaden and Carter, super cute boys... and they are quite the active duo =)

And yesterday we went to SLC for the state fair.. I had never been, but Aaron has a couple times back when he used to sell Living Scriptures there.

 see? rapist beard....

 Carter (again) had skipped his nap. This is what happened by the time we got to Fazoli's for dinner..

And today, my great friend Alicia was in town with her daughter Capri, who is Carter's age, and we 4 went to Kangaroo Zoo! The two lovebirds just don't hold still long enough to get a picture together =( maybe next time.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to life.. finally!

Hi all, 
I've got some things to blog about at last.

#1 Aaron had his surgery on 2 hernias. 
This is not to be confused with hemorrhoids lol... many people texted him after the fact, asking how his butt was. Hernias are your intestines bursting out of the stomach wall in the abdomen and is often caused by lifting too much. He's been looking so good and fit, but I guess at a price =( But the surgery went well, it's been a week and he's back to the gym... doing cardio and eventually light weights. 
 Watching him in pain though for the first couple of days, trying to get out of bed was sad and brought back too many memories of my struggles post-c-section. Not ready to do that again! I guess now we're even =)

#2 We are house hunting!
This little condo has done a fine job but now we are breaking up. We need more space and especially storage.
We fell in love with 2 houses, and one we put an offer on, out in Lehi. There are other offers on it as well so it's up in the air.. we'll find out hopefully this week. Fingers crossed!

Here's some shots of our goofy selves the past 2 weeks
Still love my little baby's feet =)

Aaron took Carter on a little father-son outing to see Kung Fu Panda 2. (May I remind you I tried to take Carter to Cars 2 a while back and it was a disaster, so I was skeptical that they'd make it through).
 Well, Aaron made it through the movie, because Carter fell asleep within 5 minutes of the movie, so he missed it all!
 Home Depot- Carter found the lawn mowers- of course. And was very mad when we had to leave.
 In this tiny condo of ours, Carter spreads his toys EVERYWHERE. I hate picking up after him several times a day, but then I see little things like this and just have to smile... One day I'm sure I will really miss finding a car sitting on a mirror. =)