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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy 2 Years to US!

I can't believe we've been married for 2 years! This is almost Aaron's longest relationship! Sad, I know.  However it's been an amazing 2 years, and I count myself very lucky to be married to Aaron!

This is while we were dating.. probably only a week from when we met.. we were fast movers =) And MAN my hair was short!

6 weeks after meeting, we were engaged. Said I would NEVER do something like that, "you don't even know the person!" But alas, there we were, in love and planning a wedding.

Married April 25, 2008. Best day of my life.. from what I can remember =)

To celebrate our anniversary out here in Cleveland, we we downtown to check things out and ended up going to the Rock and Roll museum, which was pretty cool but probably not worth what we paid! We took Carter with us since Aaron doesn't get to see him too much during the week.

The sign from Gwen Stefani's video made just for them.

Carter listening to Beach Boys

I snuck and took a picture of Elvis' car. It wasn't allowed but I am sneaky.

I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON and I saw the actual sparkly white glove! I'm so bummed I never went to any of his concerts while I could.

And afterwards, we went to Cheesecake Factory, my FAV. And this deliciousness had my name written all over it... literally. And yes it was soooo good.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Carter is so silly!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

We've arrived to CLEVELAND!!

This is gonna be a long post, just warning you...

Wow, I survived the last weeks of school and packing and moving while dealing with a sick baby... I am soooo grateful my mom was able to drive down from Portland (in the late hours at night) to help me get everything done! And I am DONE with college forever!! HOWEVER as I was finishing my last finals in the testing center (being somewhat unprepared since I was too anxious about graduating that I couldn't concentrate enough to study), I was walking back to my car, so excited, that I hadn't remembered that I had actually driven my MOM'S car since mine was being driven out to Cleveland, and my very last second of my last day at BYU campus I receive a parking ticket!!!! My mom's car wasn't registered and thus I got a ticket, what a way to ruin such a good moment... thanks a lot BYU...Curses!

Anyways, here's some of what we've been up to... Carter is somewhat crying in this picture because I don't think he wanted to take a nap, but he found a lot of solace in this lemur... lol he hugged that thing for dear life!

I love this age (5.5 months) where he can play and grab at things and is super ticklish!

Aaron's mission buddy, Josh and his wife Cortney came and visited us during Conference as well as Aaron's mom. We had such a fun time with them.

Carter was apparently very tired, because he leaned over my leg and fell asleep like this.

We went to the park on a sunny spring day, and Carter liked just chillin in the swing

We met Paula and Janice there, and as you can tell, Janice is a bit more daring than Carter on those swings..

1. Excuse the crudeness of this picture, namely Aaron's grunting face..
2. We went to a Heber cabin with Apx overnight with a bunch of friends, which was SO fun. It had several bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and for some reason, the bathroom we picked had dual toilets side by side like this... what the??
3. This was the first night without Carter and let me tell ya I was SOOO relieved to finally have a full night of uninterrupted sleep! We need more vacations like these

So within the last weeks of being in Orem, I barely saw Aaron. He was so busy with work, and when he was home, he was on the phone. To make matters worse, this particular night, he also stole MY phone to make a double phone call! Yeah it's pretty ridiculous.. Good thing he's cute plus I'm a forgiving person

My mom took us to Tucanos and I put Carter in a high chair for the first time. He did pretty good.. and loved their mashed potatoes =)

Carter learned to sit! It's the cutest thing because he loves it. He also discovered his ears, and he seems to like those too.

And now Cleveland: We live in Strongsville, just south I believe of Cleveland and so far I'm really enjoying it! The apartments are old, but clean and big and that makes me happy. The location is ideal- right across from the mall and theater and we have tons of things close by. Aaron has been hard at work already and doing really well. 

This picture you can't really tell but Carter is actually wearing an APX shirt as well! (Compliments of Tauna)

Carter's first night in his new Pack n Play. It has little owls that circle above and not only are they super cute, but Carter gets all excited watching them, it's hilarious. 

This was the night previous, before we got a bed for him.  He slept on our closet floor haha.

Welcome to Cleveland- I come to our new place where Aaron has been setting up our apartment and find lovely pictures such as these... So this is what he does when I'm away lol. We did get a new Mac before coming out so I guess they were discovering its features.
From what I can decipher, this is Aaron, Rocky, and Jared Hoyt, our neighbors =)
Boys will be boys


Saturday, April 10, 2010

More pics.. just for fun

More of Mandi's photos...
The girls

Carter and his crazy hair. For some reason he wouldn't smile at all, just had this blank look. I guess it's typical though since he gets very distracted by a camera or video camera. 

The parentals. They're cute =)

Our little fam. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Family pictures!!

We pretty much love Mandi Nuttall. She did Carter's newborns, and then my whole family (Dad's side) came down so we could all be together before Kent goes on his mission. 15 people is a lot to coordinate, but it worked out! I've only seen a few pictures (these are from her website: She is amazing) so I'm excited to see the rest.