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Saturday, May 29, 2010


So I blog an awful lot about our baby that we LOVE but I kinda have to share some of my super exciting happenings as of late!

SO it's not a secret that I'm kind of obsessed with home decor.. I honestly scour design blogs everyday and have an entire folder on our computer filled with future inspiration of AMAZING rooms. (Why the heck am I a personal trainer? I should have done interior design!!) Anyhow, I definitely appreciate a bargain... in fact, I hate getting ripped off so I will get only the best deals on things. I also appreciate DIY projects when you can make something cheap look expensive...

Exhibit A:
I love these ornate mirrors (I love any mirrors period.) Gold isn't really my thing so my plan is to paint it a glossy white or even a fun color once we get back home to make it super cool! This was $50 on ebay! (Birthday present to myself) hehe

Exhibit B:
What I hope the result will be!!! NO this is not my house (I wish) but these mirrors cost like $500... I've looked. A lot. I am so proud of my find and am STOKED for after the summer when I can start my project =)

So I checked out our local library and came across Jillian's newest book.. I've started just the first bit, and so far I'm not convinced. I understand organic food is best for you, I just haven't made that commitment yet... and perhaps there ARE toxins and pesticides in plastics and the air, and crap we eat, but it's not practical to me to eliminate ALL processed foods.. Who knows, maybe further in the book Jillian will persuade me to tweak my hormones and get that "hot and healthy body" so we'll see.... I'm still pretty attached to the calories in vs. calories out equation from school and I feel pretty dang healthy!

Alright so who is not watching So You Think You Can Dance yet? Cuz you need to...  So many of our favorite shows ended just barely, but luckily this season of SYTYCD has started back up as well as Ali on the Bachelorette... When did I become such a sucker for reality tv???

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am feeling official

After graduating high school 8 years ago, this should be my Master's degree, but alas, I finally got my diploma for my BYU Bachelors of Science in the mail today! It's been a long time coming, but I'm so glad I finished, and that I had a very supportive husband who helped me make it through to the end.
I took a lot of time off during these 8 years: a mission, Guatemala volunteer program, switching majors from Spanish to exercise science (not related at all, so I was starting over!) plus missing fall semesters with Aaron's job. And THEN having a baby... so it's really a miracle that I even finished, and there were times I almost quit, but YAY I have put college behind me!
My degree is Exercise Science with an emphasis in Fitness and Wellness, and I tell Aaron that since I have a degree in exercise science, that makes me a scientist and thus the expert. =)
I never walked at graduation (we were moving out here to Cleveland) so this is as real as it gets for me!

I love this stage!

carter and his tickly-ness just crack me up

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A couple of us girls headed out last week to the Cleveland Metropark Zoo! The highlight of the outing were the bears since they were missing some of the cooler animals (that seems to be the case at every zoo i go to!) Carter had a good time even though he was too short in the stroller to really see any animals!

The pool opened! The weather has been rainy and not exactly summer weather, but we found a warmer day and took Carter swimming for the first time. He is sporting is swim gear from Grandma Cherie =)

Paityn chillin with me and Carter
The girls and their babies... Lauren w/Olivia, Tasha w/Kaden, and me w/Carter (notice we are both squinting .. must be genetics)

We've been getting domestic lately, making homemade goodies. Made salsa one day, and then fruit pizza last week... very tasty

Carter was a good sport during our activities, just playin by himself on the floor
And just a video of him hangin out. He actually IS getting close to crawling although he prefers rolling around everywhere

Monday, May 10, 2010

Good times with the hubs and Carta J

April 28 was Aaron's 29th birthday! He looks so gloomy in this picture because of this birthday badge I made him wear. But really, I'm a good wife, because my thoughts were, man it would be so rough if he happened to not get a sale on his birthday, so this badge, if anything would give people sympathy towards him, lol. He refused to wear it after much convincing from me, yet halfway through the day, I receive the following picture in a text... of him knocking, happy as can be with his birthday badge! And yes he did sell that day =)

We had a lil birthday bash after the boys got home, and had people over for cake. (Coldstone cake, I might add, since our freakin turbo ovens burnt the Texas sheet cake I made for him, booo!)
We're always outta Utah for both our birthdays and our anniversary, and Aaron is usually working on all three occasions, so we're glad if we get to do anything at all!

Us girls took our babies to the park last week while the weather was nice (it has since been rainy, with tornado warnings). I think it was the first time Carter has sat in grass. He didn't seem to mind it.

Carter is hangin out with his "cousin" we'll say... Olivia, Jake and Lauren's daughter. I believe Carter and Olivia are 2nd cousins once removed?

Just chillin naked

He's very happy on the floor

This particular morning, he was so happy that I laid on the floor next to him, and was all smiley and posey for the camera, it was funny

Again, he is very content

Yesterday morning before church, he got ahold of his bottle, squirted it all over his face, and didn't seem to mind at all.