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Sunday, July 29, 2012

picture overload

Apparently my blogging has been reduced to once a month. Still loving Houston, but the weather's got me feeling blah, and I'm pretty certain that started about the time I found out I was pregnant. Not a fan of this heat.
Here's some pictures of the past couple weeks:
Carter got some new sunglasses and is pretty cool struttin down the street with these bad boys.
 I skipped the gym one morning but made it to our apartment gym with Carter- who "helped" Aaron with pull-ups
 The city library is a great place. Especially when there's older kids putting on a puppet show for Carter
 We went down to Kemah one night for all the little kids to watch fireworks. Capri and Carter got ice cream cones at DQ afterwards- the luckies =)
 I got me and Carter summer passes to the NASA space station so we spent another day there a few weeks ago.
 The team won an incentive to a waterpark, Schlitterbahn down in Galveston. SUPER fun place. My boys were all business walking in, for some reason
 Last Monday, me and Carter flew out to Seattle to be able to see my family for a week down in Yakima. Carter loves watching the airplanes from the airport, and kept looking for Woody and Jesse (Toy Story 3?)
 Carter tried to help my dad fix the treadmill at their house so I could work out. Needless to say, it never got fixed.. ;)
My parents are in the middle of remodeling their house which is looking AMAZING. The kids mostly had fun bugging the painters and running through the furniture-free rooms =)
 Any trip to Yakima is incomplete without a trip to my parent's restaurant. The Asian nachos appetizer gets me every time...
 I want more than anything to have the space/yard to grow a garden. Especially when I visit my parents' and see the awesome things my dad has grown. He took Carter out more than a few times to pick berries, and then Carter had no problem helping himself. He inhaled them.
 Little Jo-jo and Carter- Carter's just a few months older
 Carter had his first trip to the dentist! He did pretty good, and took advantage of the sticker prizes (which are all over his shirt). I think your grandpa being your dentist is the way to go ;) Plus neither of us had cavities! (Which is huge for me!)
 Little kiddies in the hot tub =)
 We took a family mini hike up to Boulder Cave, out in Naches this past Friday
 Grandpa and Carter
 We were quite impressed that these two boys kept up. Carter hiked probably half of it by himself, while I huffed and puffed up the hills with him on my back. Not in the shape I used to be!
 Family pic!
 My cousin Kimball leading the group. These caves were pitch black, but cool inside. Very fun
 Soooo pretty
 Silly boys
 Aimee had to drive me up to Seattle to stay the night then catch an early flight back to Houston the next morning. We met up with Carter's uncle Ryan.
It was not easy getting Carter to leave
 Especially when Ryan got out the big toys ;)
We need more visits like this!