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Saturday, April 28, 2012


My brother Kent is serving here. It was only a matter of time til we ran into him. Kent just got transferred last week to Baytown which just happened to be the area Aaron and his guys are knocking in! I was sooo jealous Aaron ran into him this week! Kent wouldn't let Aaron call me, so I could talk to Kent. He's such a good missionary- trying to stick to the mission rules. It was Kent's birthday this last Tuesday and I had planned on taking him to lunch and Kent was all about it, but said I had better call and ask his President first. As nice as he was, he said No. =( I wanted to cry!! But hopefully I'll "accidentally" run into him at least sometime this summer! Kent thought Aaron looked really skinny.. and Kent kept asking if he looked fat lol
Kent and his Tongan companion who he loves =)
 I took Carter to the park one morning- this kid just loves being outside
The guys playing ultimate frisbee
 Happy boy on a swing.. in his jammies
I got bored and also hate looking at white walls... so I made some art lol.. cost me a buck!
 This was so cute.. me and Carter went to lunch one day, and so outside. He got distracted trying to catch the rolly pollys =)
 So Carter has had to transition to a "big boy" bed out here. Which is just a twin mattress on the floor. He's not taking to it too well. Almost every morning- early- he comes crying into our room, where Aaron picks him up and puts him in bed with us. So here is Carter totally taking over my side of the bed! Drives me NUTS.
Cute boy with messy hair

 Me and Aaron celebrated our 4th anniversary this week. We went out for Mexican food while our friends watched Carter. It was fun to get away just for a little bit =)
 Mr Carter having fun by the pool
 This kid is so silly.. He loves fruit loops but won't touch the red or orange ones. Only the blue and green.

Carter and his buddy Kaden hangin out in the toy basket
 Carter was REALLY tired!
 One day I tried to snap a shot of both me and Carter in the car. This is what I caught him doing!!!
Carter got dragged to the mall yesterday, to finish up shopping for Daddy's birthday today... he just laid back and had this little attitude lol

We love it here =)