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Saturday, May 26, 2012

As requested

I've become rather lax with my blog updating. My brother-in-law reminded me of this. So here's a TON of pictures and updates from the Lonestar state!
I took Carter to NASA a few weeks ago.
Does this picture not look like it belongs on the packaging, advertising for a toy rocket? 
Typical Carter.. lining  them all up in a row. I didn't even have to fight him to leave them behind in the gift shop. He's a good little boy
The battle to get him to eat healthy (or anything at all) continues. But lately he really loves noodles with tomato sauce. I am ecstatic, even though he's stained 80% of his clothes.
We went to an Astros game, which I anticipated being terribly hot. But it was covered, indoors! Made it so much more enjoyable.
We all look rather weird in this picture.
My stylish little man with his green drink
I have never seen a more animated kid. His faces are unreal, and he does them on command
His "happy" face
Kemah boardwalk. Love this place. The city was totally taken out by hurricans, but they've since rebuilt it up and it's a really cute place for Carter to chase the seagulls and go on rides.

No pants and no shoes. Disheveled hair, and blanket worn as a scarf. ??
Mother's Day at nursery =) The meanie wouldn't pose with me very well
My family sent me a picture of their mother's day. They are so cute
Carter again with his spaghetti.. offering me a noodle... no thanks
Like father like son. The boys napping on a Sunday, then once awake, digging through ice cream outta the carton. Of course
Play place =)
As I took this picture, I thought, well this is an accident waiting to happen. And it did. He took a tumble
Me and Carter took a little road trip to Dallas to see my bff Jenna and her family (my cousin Bennett)
We hit up a Rangers game,, super fun
Carter taking a bath with his 2nd cousin, Avarie
Avarie's uncle Reece (my cousin) reading the kiddos a book before bed
Carter lately has taken a liking to my cooking utensils. The wire whisk he thinks is a rocket
We intended to go to the zoo one afternoon, but had so much fun outside, we didn't even need entertainment of animals =) Carter sure loves being with daddy

The zodiac animals.. this was random
Our animals, whatever that really means..

Carter loves trains.. still
This past week, I took Carter to the aquarium downtown.
Random that this is in an aquarium with fish, but they had this awesome white bengal tiger. So pretty
I buzzed Carter's hair. It's super cute, but something about it looks white trash to me lol.. don't tell him
And the boys went and played softball one morning. I had just bought Carter a foam bat and ball, and he had such a blast playing with Aaron =)