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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For the Grandmas!

Carter hangin out with Capri.. they actually ended up putting their fist in each other's mouths. Yum

Lovebirds: This picture cracks me up- Carter totally reminds me of the Munchkin Lollipop kids from Wizard of Oz!! Haha

Matching ties again =) I love accessorizing my boys

And then of course, Carter tries to eat his tie..

And this outfit reminded me of a little German boy- or something from Sound of Music

Yet another accessory- his "baby legs"... I bought these when I was prego and finally brought them out! They're little leggings that make diaper changing a cinch! He's just got very chubby and short legs, so hopefully they'll fit better later =)

Playin with his toes

Nothin better than sleepy naked babies!
And not that it's that exciting, but I finally moved our guest bedroom around and got it looking better.. Having teeny bedrooms makes it so HARD to fit eveyrything and not have it look like a total disorganized mess! Aaron was outta town (agaain!) so I attacked this project. I'm extra proud of the cheap artwork: leftover frames from our wedding with scrapbook paper!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I thought this day would never come...

Carter is finally sleeping through the night!! This is a huge deal, for I am sick and tired of being so tired! Little Carter is just more and more fun with his chunky legs, rolling all over the place. Life can't get any better when you've got a cute, happy baby or one that sleeps through the night and now fortunately I have both!

This was taken a few weeks ago but it's one of my favs... When he wears a hat I
 feel like he looks like such a baby still.. probably cuz his crazy big boy hair isn't showing!

He likes being on his tummy now that toys can distract him or he can roll over. He doesn't stay on his blanket for very long..
Carter may have been a possum in another life... since he was really little, he would arch is back and hang out there upside down.. he's weird! He likes his Auntie Val though

Post-bath deer in the headlights with Daddy =)

Happy baby... I believe this shot was taken just before I fed him carrots, in which he arched his back, trying to turn around in this WHITE seat, smearing carrots everywhere! Little sneak

Sleepy boys... for some reason Church just knocks em out

The same day, Carter took yet another nap (this is rare, for his naps are like 20 minutes long) and fell asleep like this!

This is a blurry cell phone pic, but Carter jumped in Capri's little pink jumper thing! It was silly

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New summer plans!

Forget Memphis, we're headed to DC! The Washington DC office opened up and after much deliberation, it was decided DC would be a better market since it has done well for several years past. This means lots of frantic work for Aaron changing areas like this, but hey I hardly see him anyway these days!
I love DC... we went 2 years ago with a different team (NOT a good experience) but ended up in Baltimore with Apx and things have been great ever since! We're excited =)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rent the Runway!

I SOOO wish I had known about this website back in high school for Prom! I just saw this website on the Today show and had to check it out.. So My mom recently dumped all my old prom dresses here at our place, and I've tried to sell them with no success, so they're just taking up space in our teeny closets. What makes me even more annoyed is that I spent hundreds of dollars on these dresses and could only wear them once. BUT alas, I have found this website where you can rent DESIGNER dresses (worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars) and rent them starting at $50!! And they even send you 2 sizes so you're able to fit into at least one. They're so beautiful and maybe one day when we finally make it on a cruise, I'm going to utilize! Love it =)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ice Castles!

Alright so I look total nast but I had to get a pic of Carter's wrinkly bum before his bath! He loves baths and pees in them about 50% of the time.
Carter is hilarious in the kitchen... he doesn't go in there much for obvious reasons, but loves to be held while I do dishes or whatnot because he gets very curious. He'll lean over to see what's in the sink or what's in the fridge when I open it. =) It's cute
The little chub is starting to grab at his toes. I think it's difficult for him though because his legs are so short! Which reminds me, he had his 4 month check-up yesterday:
Weight is 14 lb 10 oz (still right on 50 percentile)
Height is 23.5 in and has dropped to like 10th percentile!!! Doc says it's just a phase but I hope the poor guy isn't totally doomed with his parents' height!

Smiley boy with crazy hair

Carter loves daddy.

Carter's Grandma Cherie came to town this last weekend to see us and brought him this killer swim outfit for this summer complete with a fish cap and goggles! It's hilarious!

Me and babycakes

We went with the Jolleys up to Heber to see the Ice castles!! (Thanks for the idea Tash!) They were so cool, all lit up and I was amazed anyone would spend that much time carving those. The babies were bundled up in their snowsuits with daddy toting them around in the carriers. Cute =)

Aaron with Carter & Paul with Capri

Well this randomly appeared down here, but here's Carter again!