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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cute Family

Well the Packard's had a family reunion.. without us. We no longer have the luxury of attending any kind of get-together during the summer, but thanks to my cousin who shot this pic, I can see that I missed out on getting a green t-shirt!My bro-in-law, Taylor & sister Val, my stepmom Aimee with baby Ali, Dad, Melanie, Kent, James, then Luke and Mia in front. (Just me, Aaron and Craig missing). Yep those 3 youngest blondies are my siblings, and YES my stepmom is pregnant! My child will be older than my brother/sister. It's like Father of the Bride part 2 and I just KNEW it was gonna happen!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


WOW, can I just say I have not been so stressed in my life as I have the past 2 days. And for what? Baby bedding... that's right, my husband and brother think I'm crazy, but once you find "that one," there's no turning back and you will stop at nothing til you get it!
Let's recap what I have been through to get this...First of all, this is the 4th baby collection that I have decided on, and obviously those decisions are subject to change... until NOW. So I saw the pillow on amazon and thought wow that's really cute. Then saw the whole set on, and thought I gotta have that... it's modern but still cute, and has fun colors that aren't too babyish. However much to my dismay, neither amazon or target had the whole set as pictured below...

TADA!! Beautiful!!

So I search the brand directly, and call them up about 4 times til I get through, and what do I find out?? THEY NO LONGER MAKE IT!!! Due to "economic disaster," the factory in China was shut down 4 months ago and they lost all their fabrics. I'm about to cry when the lady gives me one last hope... they sold hundreds of this set to Home Goods stores across the nation, and they are selling them for only $99. Dream come true!!!

Naturally, I pull up the Home Goods website and call every store within a 30-mile radius of every person I know, so they can go buy it for me. And NO ONE has it!!!!!!!!! But there has to be more of this collection floating around somewhere and I am not giving up, so I continue my web search, until I find, which has the set!! So after calling THEM 4 times before I get through, the man says, "oh I'm sorry, our website must not be updated, but if the company no longer sells it, we don't either, because we order it from them." My poor baby is going to be CRIBLESS!!!!!!!!! Doesn't anyone care?!!

But being a good man, he says, "you know, you should try overstock or amazon." Already did bro!! "How about ebay?" EBAY!!!!! How did I not think of that!!!!!??

I am the luckiest person in the world, for ebay had not only the 4-piece set I was looking for, but it had a 7-piece set!!! Without hesitating or even consulting my husband, I bought the dang thing for $209 and am keeping my fingers crossed until that is delivered on my sister's front door in Utah!!! This may have taken about 8 hours out of the past 2 days of my life, searching for something that has become more valuable just because it's not easily available, but hey I am okay with that!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.” -Abraham Lincoln

I don't like being cheesy or bragging about my husband, but I am so grateful to have a husband with honesty and integrity! Anyone familiar with the alarm industry and summer sales knows what kind of temptations are there to be shady. In a business that requires you to work on your honor, unsupervised and with potential to make great money, we know too many people who will do or say anything for a sale.
Last Saturday was Aaron's "worst day of his career"(his words, not mine!)- where he talked to so many people but just couldn't close the sale. He came home moody and frustrated, and admitted that had he just "left out" some information or been shady like so many people are, he could have had like 5 sales. And even though that was frustrating that day and put a damper in his week, I am so grateful that his honesty was more important to him than making money.
I don't think Aaron could lie if he wanted to! He even tries to plan surprises for me, but he's the worst liar... I always know when he's up to something! But I know his hard work will pay off and blessings will come of it... he's usually the last guy home, because he works up until the last minute (the guys in his car get really mad for holding them up!) While it sucks to not see your husband all that much during the summer, I'm so grateful that he's such a hard worker and that he upholds his morals. He's the best!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Well it has been a while since I posted anything- not because I'm lazy (which I feel like I am anyways), but because life is so uneventful that we have nothing to say! I guess our latest news is that our team is moving to MIAMI! Which means that at the end of this week, we're packing up again to head even more east to the other coast of Florida, about 2 1/2 hours away. Here in Fort Myers, the boys have run into so many foreclosures, and Fort Myers has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, soooo business has not been the best. People just don't impulsively commit to things- namely alarm systems- anymore with the economy like it is. BUT we're hopeful and excited that Miami will be a better place for everyone- lots more to do, less old people (that's all there is here!) and I guess the apartments there are right on the beach and super nice. Most importantly Aaron and the managers think it will be a nice fresh start and better area for the guys to knock in. Summers in this business are so sporadic!!

Some updates on the pregnancy- Yes I feel like a Fatty McFatterson, which I do understand is normal. I'm slowly feeling myself relenting to the idea of maternity clothes. I actually got online this morning at and coveted all the cute "skinny"clothes that I wish I could wear but won't for at least quite a while! It's probably detrimental to do that, it's just depressing. I need to stop.

However, this past week I finally felt the baby move! Like my mom said, the little butterfly, fluttering finally becomes recognizable! I've started looking at baby things at Babies R Us to figure out what we need to register for, and I still once in a while get out all his little clothes that we've bought, and like a nerd I sit there wondering what little Baby Crandall will look like haha! We are probably 90% sure of naming him Carter James... me and Aaron sat in the pool yesterday brainstorming more names and our alternate names are Shrek and Bisquick.
Alicia, this is for you! We had a doctor's appointment today and everything's good, and the baby's measuring as he should.. according to my belly anyway! 21 weeks, 5 days =)

While the boys are out knocking, I pass my time with my current addiction, Desperate Housewives. I'm obviously a little too into this show, since I end up crying on like every episode that's remotely sentimental or finding myself laughing hysterically at the irony of being a lonely housewife myself (I just don't resort to scandal!) AND when I get around to it, I study for my online classes. I'm proud to say that I finished my finals in 2 classes last week... but am trying to make myself start up yet another 2 classes. Our team went to the beach and had lunch last week for a little incentive they won. Aaron just chillin after the boys' rough game of football in the water.

Craig was nicknames Wolverine after he got freakin clawed by some opponent during their football game.

Aaron brought these home one night out of the blue, it was really sweet! I love the 2-toned roses! Having not brought a vase out, they are beautifully arranged in a 7-11 plastic Big Gulp. We are SO ghetto.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good Times!!

Yesterday, June 1st marked the first day of hurricane season in Florida. But it was a sunny warm day and I had begging Aaron for some time to let me take the car for a day so I could go hang out with my friend Alicia up in the Tampa office! As a belated birthday present, he relented and we spent the entire day doing fun girl stuff- going out to lunch at P.F. Changs, one of my favs, and shopping- all for baby clothes!! Had to take a pic of our bellies.. we are both due in October- Alicia with a girl, and me with a boy!The DAMAGE: okay, honestly we did pretty good, finding the best deals at several stores! It was fun helping each other find both girl and boy clothes, and I think I ended up spending $85 on the little guy, which isn't bad for like 4 outfits, 2 sweaters, and several sleepers and onesies! I told Aaron that me and Alicia had to get it out of our system- we were both so excited this month finding out what we were having that we had to go splurge a little, and I am now forbidden to buy anything else for the rest of the summer haha!
Earlier that morning, the boys had a little office activity- Diving for Dollars. Whoever sold the most over the weekend got the longest time in the pool to collect pennies. There were 400 pennies, and however many you found equaled $1. It was pretty funny... Aaron's blind as a bat without contacts so he had an unfair disadvantage, but hey he still walked away wtih $15.. so that's kind of like I only spent $70 on baby clothes.. right??

Something reminded me a little of Titanic, with so many bodies in the pool, kicking around for dear life. Although this time, they were alive, and desperate for pennies!
Saturday was my 25th birthday! Craig made me a cake which was really cute, especially since he kind forgot to take the cake outta the pan and it stuck! It was yummy though. I spent the day with the other girls since Aaron was out knocking extra long like they do on Saturdays. I am so mad that I forgot to take a picture of our girl party- because we ordered Chinese take-out and played games literally for hours! I'm glad I at least had people to hang out with, because last year was miserable!!! Aaron didn't get home til after 11, and since I no longer cook on Saturday nights (hoping the team hits their dinner goal and we go out), we had no dinner, so Aaron, me, and Craig finished my birthday celebration at Applebee's- the only place still open.. there's nothing like eating dinner at midnight!!
The candles spelled out 25. =) This was the side that got a little stuck in the pan haha