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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cardinals game

Fun times this week
Took Carter to the splash pad which he usually really likes, but that particular day he was more interested in wandering around =)

 Me and Aaron and Carter went to a Cardinals game with Jake. This is how Carter started out the game...(skipping naps will do that to you!)
 Me and Jake (my 2nd cousin). Bad day to go to a game. It was SO HOT, we had just gotten there and I was sweating like a banshee! Plus Cardinals lost to Toronto, and I spent 99% of the game with Carter out of the gate, walking around. It's all good though, he survived.
 Carter only stayed asleep for 20 min or so. Poor thing was just too hot!
 Leaving the game.. that made him happy
 Random pic of Carter eating chicken crescent rolls... amazing, a new thing he'll actually eat that's real-people food!
 Carter kissing Daddy goodbye. Or I should say Dad, because that's what Carter calls him now.. so silly. We're taking off today to Portland and Yakima to see my family. WAHOOO!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day

Eh, Father's Day was 3.5 days ago, but whatev... Here's some cute little shots during the week of Carter and Daddy

I dumped Carter off at the clubhouse fitness center with Aaron so I could go on a run. I should do this everyday...
 You've heard of cake pops/bites right?? Deliciousness, all the rage. Well I attempted to make em for Aaron for Father's Day. He's kinda obsessed with PB & chocolate, so that's what I made. They turned out swell (but I actually prefer em without the final coating... just the cake & frosting mix, just FYI!)
 Aaron reading Carter a story. Tender.
Name the book... I'll mail a dollar to the first person who can tell me what it is
 And we went to Steak & Shake! Yes fast food... we don't do that often, but they have delish chicken burgers, we found out! Minutes previous to this photo,  I had dropped Carter on his head! Not even kidding, he wriggled outta the booth and fell, it was sad... but he got over it =)
And another motion picture for your entertainment.
This is what my boys do during church, while I am in Sacrament meeting.

I just keep adding to this post, but I keep uploading my iphone pics!
Here in St Louis, they have the "Magic House" and it's the most awesome thing EVER. I've been meaning to check it out with Carter, and I finally did yesterday, with Angela. 
It's safe to say I love this place, as does Carter. He can roam free with LOADS to play with in this children's museum. (I don't even need to put him on his leash!!)

 They had a pretend grocery store, bank, auto shop, etc. SOO cute.
 Now what I should have done while Carter was grocery shopping was have a little tantrum & run around trying to knock cans off the shelves & embarrassed him in public. Payback

 This was on one of our runs/walks. I just got a jogging stroller. Love it
 And I got Carter this puzzle after he loved playing with one at the Magic House. Total score.


Just some silliness from our baby.
I flipped the phone so he can actually see himself and it's quite funny

Sunday, June 12, 2011

weekly bits & Six Flags!

It's been a fun (busier) week I suppose. Carter makes things very interesting, usually in a good way =)
This was just a pic from my birthday I forgot about...
Yesterday all us girls went to Forest Park and to the St Louis science center. Carter did pretty well and was very entertained. At this moment, we were at the dinosaur part, and there was a big t-rex that moved and growled. He was a little worried...
You know what happens when a baby's wearing a regular diaper in the pool...
 We went to Six Flags today! Our team out here won some incentive so all the guys and their families got to go. We spent most of the day taking Carter on rides, and despite skipping his nap, he did so well and had a lot of fun!
He just loves these splash pads...
 Daddy and Carter on a little boat ride. Carter didn't really know what to think at first, hence the nervous face..
 Aaron and his buddy Brent goin on the Batman ride. (Might I add that I went on ONE ride, felt sick, and sat out the rest of the day. Total bummer).
 Me and Carter on the ferris wheel
 Carter was so funny on this swing. He wouldn't really look at us when he went around, just stared forward awkwardly

 In line at the Freeze ride (that I got sick on), there was this tall bb dude with a final four back pack. Aaron made friends real quick... his name was Josh Harrelson from Kentucky, which happened to be the team that knocked UNC out of the tournament
 My little drenched rat after another round at the splash pad.
And the end: a worn out little boy =)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Family Update... finally

Oh look, I finally have something to blog about! Yes it has indeed been a while. Things are the same, me and Carter hang out every day while dad goes out and brings home the bacon. I guess that's probably about the same lifestyle as many a housewife. Mine also involves a lot of pinterest and web surfing for things I don't need, but hey what they heck. 
I had a fantastic birthday a week ago (turned 27- so sadly climbing up to 30). Aaron and the guys upstairs snuck around and made me a red velvet cake, and Aaron brought me some beautiful flowers, a balloon, and had Paityn (just like last year), pick out my gifts lol... Some think that requires no thought on his part, but I prefer it =) She's been shopping with me enough to know my taste, and Aaron frankly just does not have the time so it's all good
The day before, since Aaron didn't have to work, we had Frank & 4 other guys babysit Carter while we went on a date!! Yeah it was hilarious, 5 grown dudes, watching Kung Fu Panda and hanging out with Carter while we went to dinner and a movie. And when we got home, Carter had crashed in his (empty) kiddie swimming pool! Can't imagine what went on while we were gone....but I did appreciate getting out, that's for sure

Of course, I didn't bring a vase out here, so a vivint water bottle does the trick I suppose
 Carter's been quite the ladies man lately. On my birthday we went out to the pool, and Carter was talking away to Brooklyn in her stroller, it was super cute
 My besties Bennett and Jenna came through to visit on their way to Chicago, and we let their daughter Avarie and Carter take a splash in our kiddie pool =) They were so silly together
 I did it.. I'm one of those moms now.. with a kid on a leash.. a DOGGIE leash for that matter. Carter is just rambunctious at the mall, grocery store, anywhere in public and just wants out of the cart/stroller to get down and walk. So this is what I've resorted to... he doesn't mind it actually, and walking so much tires him out, so that after 20 min, he's WILLING to go back to sitting in his stroller. Score =)
My friend out here, Jenna took these pics of Carter. I thought they were so cute

Today we took a family outing to Grant's Park in St Louis. It was founded by Ulysses S. Grant and is now owned by Busch... the beer company. (Kinda random, I thought). It's like a mini zoo with fun animals and shops, and we rode around on these big golf-cart like things to see elk and deer and cows.
Is it apparent that Carter does not like to hold still even while in a moving vehicle??
 They had these little baby goats that you could actually feed bottles of milk to inside, so it was so funny to see Carter. These things were aggressive! 
 They're trying to gnaw on his shoes!
 We went in and those little goats were all over us, Carter liked it but was nervous at the same time

 Carousel ride.. Carter had never been. He loved it =)
 I believe he was singing while it went around

 Carter's on the leash.. I'm still not used to it, a little embarrassed at using it, but whatever
 gorgeous birds!
 this animal was HILARIOUS. I mean, look at this thing! I have no idea what it was, but it's got fluffs around it's knees like a poodle, and a big ol mop of hair on his head.. so silly!

 bald eagles, that was cool
 Carter is obsessed with ice... so it was no surprise that he LOVED trying a snow cone, as evident on his purple mouth
elephant show! this was cute, reminded me of Rosie in Water for Elephants. We didn't see the whole thing because Carter of course, just won't sit!

Good times