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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last week in Utah... for a while

Well we've got one more week here.. I'm not even packing or thinking about packing yet, because it just doesn't seem time yet! Today actually seemed like a spring day finally, but I've felt in crappy winter mode still, which means it's NOT summer yet. Whatever
This is Aaron, and what he's been doing nonstop. Selling, at Vivint, or meeting with guys.
I actually look forward to the summer cuz I'll get to see him every day (without him leaving town!)
 Here's me and Carter, sweet boy actually fell asleep in my arms... he RARELY does that ever!

 My bro, "uncle Craig" came to town last weekend. It was super fun to see him, and to have Carter have fun with him, since the visits are way too few. Carter really liked Craig, and even said his name, it was cute =)
 ha, cute right?
 This picture absolutely cracks me up. He looks so mad, but he was just being silly.
 A. he's on the dishwasher, and B. he just makes the silliest faces!
 Oh boy I debated posting this in fear of revealing my bad mom moments. I set him on the counter to watch me cook dinner, standing close by in case he fell. I wasn't close enough... I did catch him but only after he hit his head on the open dishwasher. I felt sooooo bad, but he was alright. Hoping the scar fades very soon =(
 At auntie Val's house. He's discovered the piano and loves the noise. We do not, but whatever, he's happy!
 Family pic.. cheeeeese!
 Daddy and baby. love
Sittin on his favorite little perch, the shower ledge =)
 Farewell Utah... Next time I'll be posting from Missouri. Craaaazy!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Awesome weekend

This picture was just too cute, I had to post it even though it's dark. Carter trying on bunny ears in Old Navy.. I love it!

 So Aaron booked a weekend getaway for us & our friends Jared and Malia, up near Bear Lake so we had a fantastic weekend! We went snowmobiling all day Saturday and then stayed at a Bed & Breakfast in Garden City.
I'm feeling like a thug trying on those huge rental snow pants...

 We got a kick outta our ski masks... here's Malia
 And me
 And Aaron
 The group of us, looking oh so cool.... right?
Me and Aaron on our snowmobile

 So we got a double and the girls rode on the back behind the husbands. If you've ever done that, please tell me you got so sore and tired too! Being a small person, you just get lots of air on small bumps, so it takes so much energy to hold on. After a few hours I was soooo exhausted!

I refused to even sit up for this pic lol
 Jared and Malia

 At the Bed & Breakfast they had theme rooms (kinda like Anniversary Inn but cheaper). Naturally Aaron booked us the "golf" room- his dream come true I must say. The room was decked out in tacky golf decor and had a little putting green in the room. It was actually very nice, the pics don't really do it justice.
 And then we just messed around, watched March Madness with Jared & Malia and went hot tubbing. It was super fun, and I loved the rest!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Because I have nothing else to blog about!...

So I've got a super cute baby who is always happy and so funny. Actually I've been noticing lately that he's changing so much! Just learning new words and developing even more of a personality, it's so fun!

We are trying to get him off his binkie... not super hard though I admit. He just loves that thing

He really likes getting into my stuff, and Aaron gets annoyed because of course, it's all girly things. He is trying to curl his hair! (don't worry, it's not hot!)

He loves watching me cook, it's so funny. So I've started to pull up a chair so he can see =)
Just not as hamm-y as he used to be, I'm trying to get him to smile, but nada! He's just too cool...

Luckily he's been better at baths lately

Seems like all kids do that funny fist-clenching, teeth showing thing... Carter is no exception, and it's hilarious!

Moving to St. Louis in just a few weeks! Then I'll have something more interesting to blog about =)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

man I've gotten lazy at blogging....

Well, we've been busy, but not with super exciting things to talk about. However, we are going to St. Louis this summer with Vivint. Not the newest news, but I guess for some people it is! Here's a jumble of the past couple weeks for us:
Aaron and his co-manager Mark went out to St. Louis last week to set up apartments and check out the area. We're excited, but I'm not quite ready to up and move again =(
 So speaking of Vivint, they throw awesome parties. Our regional manager took all his managers under him for a cabin retreat in which they went bobsledding!!
I might add that they also had a party for the manager's wives which was so fun to hang with the girls (sans baby!), eat scrumptious food, and play Bunko... in which I won a purse!!

So while Aaron's been outta town a lot, me an Carter find ways too entertain ourselves.... Carter is just not as photogenic as he used to be =(

Back before Aaron's St. Louis trip, he went on a Vegas selling trip. His 90-year old customer gave him this "artwork" to give to me as a Valentine's day present. He made it himself and says he sells them for thousands of dollars. (WTF??????????!)
 Thanks to my awesome friends, the Earls and the Hoyts who volunteered to watch my precious Carter for the weekend, I got to join Aaron in Vegas for Valentines weekend!!! I drove down with my good friend Paityn and we hung out with our husbands down there. I freakin loved it but unfortunately did not get pictures of us. Boooo

Inside Planet Hollywood. I loved this.....
 The new Cosmopolitan hotel,.. I was in LOVE with the chandeliers!!!
 See what I mean?
Got to see Mystere... It was sweet. I love my hubs for spending such an awesome weekend with me! (That is rare this time of year with all the craziness of work!)
 So back in Utah... Carter's just cute as can be, and always getting into things. He jabbers all the time and cracks us up with his quirks. This particular day, naked to his diaper, he made a pillow fort! We had not taught him this... he's just a silly smart boy!

 Carter used to cry everytime Daddy "disappeared" into the shower. But the ledge just outside the shower is just perfect for him to perch his little bum for a rest!

 Silly guy... me and Aaron are doing an 8-week challenge to get in better shape (I'm struggling but he's rockin it!) We thought it'd be funny to enter Carter too, whose goals are to GAIN weight, and not bite anyone again in Kid's Club at the gym. (Yeah he bit a lil black baby the other week!!) This is his "before" pic ;)
 Cute or what?
 I'm a bad mom..... my baby fell off the counter because I was not close enough to catch him (I tried!!!) He hit his poor lil head on the dishwasher, but he IS fine, I promise.
 Today, we had another Vivint party at the Provo Beach Resort. I tried to get Aaron to do this indoor surfing but he was too lazy to change his clothes I think. So here's some shots of some of are good friends on our team...
 And Jared
I rolled Carter's pants up so he wouldn't get soaked and he got so frustrated!!
 Yay fun times for us!!
That's all