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Friday, August 21, 2009

My interior decorating obsession

It could be the fact that for almost 4 months now, I've lived in an apartment with white bare walls and rental furniture. Or perhaps it's the fact that I miss what it feels like to live in a real home with my OWN stuff. OR it could be that I have absolutely nothing to do but feed my hobby/obsession (call it what you will) of reading up and observing fun, contemporary homes and their decor... Whatever the reason, I find so much enjoyment dreaming of my future house and all the cool things I would do... HGTV really is my favorite channel, it's just a shame we don't pick it up out here in Miami, heaven forbid I would waste even MORE time on the couch! I did consider majoring in interior design at one point and who knows, maybe all these ideas from library books I read about home decorating will be put to good use one day! I love this bedroom... sigh....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Utah Trip!

So I have a great mom who flew me out to Utah for her parents' 50 wedding anniversary last week! My grandparents, Bonnie & Kent Croft are probably the silliest seniors I know, especially my grandma. We had a nice big family dinner at Magleby's and watched them do their Jitterbug from back in their day.. so cute! My brothers, looking dumbfounded for some reason.
While in Utah, I pretty much went crazy (in a good way), being able to actually DO something, and got so anxious about cleaning our condo that's been sitting collecting dust and spiders for 3 months, that I could barely sleep! It felt SO NICE to be able to drive, get out of the house, and get ideas for what needs to be done as far as the house/baby set-up when we move back to Utah at the end of the summer. Nesting phase has definitely begun, and it was quite a bummer to have to fly back to Miami.. back to sitting, feeling useless. But I did miss my little Aaron and was glad to be back with him! He even cleaned the place all spic and span for when I got home... cute!

Monday, August 3, 2009


A couple weeks ago, me, Aaron, and Craig headed south to the Alligator Farm where we went on Air boat rides and saw huge alligators and snakes! It was SO HOT, I don't know how I made it, but it was fun to get out and see the sights of Florida! This big group of alligators was during feeding time, where they lined up against the fence to eat whole rats.

A random chick from the audience was chosen to wear this huge snake...

We got to hold baby alligators, and apparently Aaron thought this one looked like me, which might be why he's kissing it.

Some of the biggest gators they had at this farm that died, as well as a 20-something foot snake!

Aaron and Craig during our alligator show.

We stopped at this big fruit stand called "Robert is Here" where they had fruits that I haven't seen since my mission in Brazil! This is jaca or a jackfruit, that is HUGE, way heavy and has a really weird taste. I actually used to gag on it on my mission, but the flavor isn't bad. I stuck to my favorite.. passion fruit, and got a giant milkshake, it was delish!

More to come!...