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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Time!
Me and Aaron didn't really have any plans for Halloween and were pretty determined to have some fun so we asked around to our friends, and no one really had plans...So we couldn't let a fun holiday go to waste! We had a bunch of friends over for some games and good food and we had a great time! The girls dominated Taboo and Mad Gab.. let's be honest: we were made for talking. We even got a few trick-or-treaters so I was glad I bought an emergency stash of milky ways.

Aaron as a North Carolina fan again, and I wore a Spanish dancer dress.. but was to lazy to accessorize to complete the costume.

Senator John McCain (Bennett) and Gov. Sarah Palin) Jenna. They were way cute!

Me and punk rocker Val being weird.. well, mostly Val being weird. I'm pretty normal

Val and Taylor, and their friend Aaron

On Monday, we went to a Halloween party with some of our friends from Apx that we met this summer. Aaron is beginning to see that I am like obsessed with holidays... I'm already looking at Christmas decorations and we haven't even hit Halloween yet, but too bad! We didn't wanna spend a lot, so we scrounged up stuff we aleady had, so Aaron went as North Carolina fan (he IS that in real life, so I argued that it wasn't really a costume), and I a pirate. And we happened to win the 3-legged race, so we're pretty proud of that. =)Me and cute lil pregnant Tash (I swear I look more pregnant than her.. And I'm not!!) The boys, Jason (aka Burger King) and Ryan (with Tasha's shorts on) haha The boys chowing down during the Donut Eating Contest.. the girls TOTALLY showed them up the next round haha!
Another pic of the donut race.. what was funny was that Aaron and Ryan, who are good buddies ended up getting a little too close to each other, looking like they were kissing, and then after the game, Ryan had Aaron's white make-up all over his face!! It was HILARIOUS, I'm getting a little worried though that they may be getting too close...

Brent the pimp and Aaron. Brent and Angela's dog even had a pimp costume on, it was AWESOME!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Latest

I have good news! I just got hired as a personal trainer at 24 hour Fitness! While we were in Baltimore all summer, I had to get CPR/AED certified (which wasn't easy out there) and spent most the time studying for the National Academy of Sports Medicine exam, which I took after we got back to Utah, and luckily passed! After interviewing at different gyms and job searching, I had almost given up with 24 hour because they hadn't called me in a while, yet that was the place I most wanted to work. I know prayers are answered, even with the petty things.. when we do our part, the Lord certainly does his, because I really needed this job and had to put in the effort!

While I'm personal training, Aaron is working for Apx still, in the inside sales office, making outbound calls based on leads that they get. It can pay really well, and our goal right now is to pay down the Pleasant Grove house that we own and is being rented out. I'll be starting school at BYU again winter semester, trying to finish up my Exercise Science degree as soon as possible. I'm taking 3 online classes right now, so that helps, although I've never been one with great self-discipline! Aaron is good, though at getting on my case and making sure I'm making good progress.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend FUN

Yesterday we got together with Val and Taylor to hike the Y and test our physical fitness. We've concluded that you're never in very good shape after you get married! It was really fun though and a gorgeous day- probably one of the last before winter hits. We packed up a picnic but ended up being too winded to really eat much at the top! The fall colors were so pretty! We're at the very top of the Y hereVal and Taylor just bought a piano so whenever we're over there, we have to take advantage of it! I'm a little jealous but at least they were nice enough to give us their keyboard that was replaced with their piano =)

Last week my family came down for the BYU game-- (against New Mexico, BEFORE the major butt-kicking we had against TCU). We also celebrated James' 16th birthday, so everyone headed to Cafe Rio then back to our place for cake & ice cream and opening presents!

Grandpa came with us, along with Valerie and Taylor. And somehow only Aimee knew we were taking this picture lol..
Baby Ali and me. She's so cute!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting settled in

Mission Reunions!
I had made Aaron promise me that we'd make it back to Utah in time for my first mission reunion, and since we had left a week earlier than originally planned, I was fine with that! Aaron also had 2 during Conference weekend with each mission president, so we were able to go to all 3 in Salt Lake.
President and Sister Aumeister from Aaron's mission (Rostov, Russia) came down.. they were so cute!

Sisters Kailahi, Pieper, Muir (the President's wife), me and Whipple. I was companions with Kailahi and Whipple and love them to death, it was so fun seeing everyone again. My mission president and wife, after being home just 3 months are accepting another assignment now in Chile (learning Spanish from Portuguese) and Pres. Muir will be director the the financial program down there. They will now have lived out of the U.S. for 13 years, working for the church. They are AMAZING!
This past Monday, we went over to Tasha and Ryan's for FHE and carved pumpkins! I haven't done that for a few years, so we had fun with them and a couple other friends. Ryan made us homemade ice cream and it was way good.

Our Orem Condo Beautification

We finally arrived back to Utah about 2 weeks ago, and it has been hectic ever since. We decided to tackle a bunch of projects before we moved all our stuff from the Pleasant Grove house, and it's still not even done, but it's looking lots better...

This was our main family room right when you walk in, and not only is it small, but it had this cheap ceiling fan, broken blinds, and dinged up walls, all from previous renters, so since we own it, we decided to fix it how we want it!! SOOO we took several trips to Home Depot for paint and whatnot.

We painted the walls a light brownish color, and this is Aaron and Bennett trying to take the crappy fan down, which they replaced with a nicer wood one. And OILA, we have a new family room. This green looking dresser holding the TV really is a dresser from Aaron's childhood, it was bright blue, and we tried to at least fix it, and it works, so we were glad to not have to spend ANY money whatsoever on new furniture in our place. Aaron also put up these blinds. We had some difficulties with projects as almost everything Aaron attempted ended up not working right, and we made SEVERAL returns to Home Depot and Walmart.Our kitchen was kinda blah, so we ended up painting that too and getting some stuff on the walls.

We copied our friends, Ryan and Tasha, and got this massive mirror form IKEA this week, and we love it. We're just missing chairs, so we ordered those also for our kitchen yesterday.
Our blue bedroom.. we had some issues with the paint, since it was the first room we did and we didn't know we were supposed to pull the tape off right away, and the paint peeled in spots. Unless you look up close, it still looks pretty! I never was a fan of blue but somehow I don't mind our new room.