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Saturday, March 31, 2012

our week in pictures

I guess most of my readers are already familiar with my other blog, so these pictures are all repeats, sorry..
My figure show was last Saturday and it was great but I'm glad it's over! I was decided against ever doing another one, but now that I'm facing the post-competition blues, where you freak out about gaining weight and having to "soften up," I can see why people keep going- just to try to stay in that good of shape!
 Carter was definitely ready to go by this point!
In- between my morning pre-judge and my night show, we went to Jason's Deli and got some lunch.. and treats =)
Carter loves ice cream cones!
 So one week from today we'll be in Houston! I guess I'm excited... just another week of packing and moving, and being away from home.
 Carter lost his beloved Percy train this week. Aaron took Carter golfing (for real!) and I think they left it in the golf cart. Carter is quite traumatized, we might have to go find a replacement.
 Carter went to his friend Kaden's birthday party this week... cutest thing ever that they got to ride on a "train" of horsies, cars, etc. Carter didn't make it on the first round and was sooooo upset. The driver came down, scooped him up and Carter got to help "drive." Totally made his day! =)

 Some other cute shots from the party. Carter looking in the box- he's actually looking at baby chicks! He kept calling them "chips" and he thought they were so funny, as did all the kids =)
Here's some silly shots from yesterday.. Carter still loves sportin his fedora!

We went to the dinosaur museum yesterday with some friends
 And then me and Aaron took him to get frozen yogurt. I'd say he had a pretty awesome day ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happenings...and there are lots of them!

We have been BUSY BUSY BUSY.
Items of business:
#1 We backed out of building our house. Stupid builder, too many problems, it just wasn't meant to be. I'm frustrated and nervous about what we're going to do after the summer because I really don't want to start the whole house hunt all over again, but we're weighing out our options right now, and I'm trying to be patient!
#2 We leave in less than 3 weeks for Houston!! I can't believe it's come up so fast.
#3 Aaron's been really busy with recruiting and selling and traveling, it will almost be a welcome change to actually see him everyday over the summer =)
#4 I've been really busy training for my figure competition which takes this place this Saturday. So nervous!

Anyhow, here's some of our adventures as of late:
Carter eating celery... the only vegetable since birth he's eaten. Okay not totally, but pretty close!
 We finally got some nicer spring weather so the boys went for a little ride on Carter's scooter. =)
 We have an interesting team for this summer, with 4 managers. We decided a manager's wife's night out was in order, so we went to dinner and made some pottery. It was soooo fun and I just love having those nights away once in a while =)
 I took Mister Carter to Disney on Ice: Toy Story in Salt Lake. He LOVED it as you can see. We had pretty high seats but he sat still and was pretty into it the whole time!
 Silly boys playin around
 A few Sundays ago, it was gorgeous park weather. So we took advantage
 Cutest little face ever!
 I made Mr. Carter some choc chip muffins one morning.. he gets excited about baking treats.. and as always, has Percy the train in his hand
 This hasn't happened in a LONG TIME that he's fallen asleep on my lap. So sweet
 And here I am, looking like a beast getting some last minute posing in before my figure show this weekend. I won't be flexing like this though, cuz I'm not a bodybuilder...thankfully. Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mr Carter update

Carter has been such a good, fun boy these days! He's always making us laugh, and although he's in the middle of the "terrible two's," we really haven't had too many problems.... YET.

He's still picky as ever with food- he'll eat anything sugary or carby.. and that's the only predictable thing about it. I get REALLY annoyed when I try to feed him something toddlers are supposed to like, and then he won't touch it, and it goes to waste. So, we have resorted to sending him to time-out til he eats his dinner lol. The other night, he went to time-out in his crib a few times because he wouldn't eat his spaghetti-os. He finally did eat them. So it worked! The next night, he wouldn't touch his mac n cheese, so he went to triple time-out. And he finally ate that too. These are things that I know he likes but for whatever reason, he won't eat it! So who knows if this is the best tactic but it is working and he's actually eating something normal.

He's my cute little sidekick and has gotten lots easier to take to the store or the mall or wherever- but often I have to bribe him with snacks. But he loves to help me push the shopping cart, and keeps up pretty well =)

Aaron likes to egg Carter on, into arguments that don't make sense. They usually go something like this:
Aaron: "Carter, drink your milk."
Carter: "No!"
Aaron: Yes, you need to drink your milk."
Carter: No! Choo Choo! No, TV!
Aaron: Drink your milk
Carter: No! Arm!
?????? See what I mean? Carter does not have very good arguments...

Carter's been waking up earlier in the morning, and says "Monny, monny, monny, monny" over and over til I get him. I usually don't even hear it til about 10 minutes into his calling for me. And when I get him out of bed, he still goes right to his train table.

He can count to 10! Yep, we've been working on that and he's gotten really good. And I'm still so surprised at how many letters he knows. He's got all his colors down too- and always picks blue or green. Definitely a boy.

Cutest words he says lately: "kangaroo," as he jumps around like one, and "hippo." It's just funny how he says them.

Here's a huge batch of some fun random pictures from this past month...

I LOVE this picture. Not only is he silly, hiding under the dishwasher, but his little face is just so cute! You only see his eyes but you know he's smiling under there =)
I taught him how to start the dishwasher, putting the soap in, locking it, starting it, etc, and he feels sooo important doing it, it's cute
 He's had this bouncy horse for at least a year, but it's just recently that he really likes it
 I took him to Blickenstaff's a few weeks ago (a vintage toy/candy store). It's kid heaven, and of course he's infatuated with the trains.
 Still love a sweet sleeping baby
 These are rare moments, when he'll cuddle and sleep with either Aaron or I. 
 I came home one evening after running to the store, and found that the boys had built a fort!
 This particular day, he had skipped his nap, then fell asleep in the car at 6 pm. Of course with his Percy train in his hand =) He has rotated onto his 3rd favorite train of the Thomas collection.
 Crossed ankles, crossed hands. So proper
 The silly faces of Carter
 This was just today in the car on our way to the gym. He was talking to himself and laughing, at who knows what, for like 5 minutes, it was so funny. At a red light I had to snap a picture really fast at his happy little face!
 Silly man.. in front of his new window decor =)
 Carter's been intrigued by games lately. This is Blokus, and he just likes the little pieces. I actually bought him a Thomas the Train memory matching game, but he doesn't quite get it yet ;)
This was Aaron's doing, but Carter obviously thought it was pretty funny
 Silly boys