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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

cartito crandito

Well my Carter man is a-growin! We had his 18-month checkup yesterday.. and he's 75th percentile in height, and 30th in he's "tall and skinny." Does he look tall and skinny to you?? And honestly, aren't the odds of me and Aaron having a tall skinny kid quite rare? Ya anyways, he's pretty normal and not that I worried about it, but Doc says he has no signs of autism whatsoever. Nope he is an active, chattery boy! An active boy that needs to eat more vegetables and less crackers.....ughh

Since I'm a mom posting about my kid, I may as well address the words he knows.. they're getting more numerous and I've found that while he doesn't say a lot of words, he totally knows what they are.
He says at least 100 times a day, "what's this?" I think I must say that a lot, trying to quiz him on animals, and such =) It's pretty cute though
He loves BIRD, and screams it any time he sees one
Same with BUS
and CARS
He says baby, uh oh, bye bye a ton
I taught him bug a few times, and he tries to say it but it just sounds like bird lol, and he loves kids and learned that word too
He finally starting saying yes.. that one took a while
Oh and he says duck, but it sounds like geek

Here's my silly man, trying on my sunglasses
 pointing at birds, he loves them
 looking up at an airplane
 looking at bugs... (isn't it obvious he loves to observe things and be outside?)
 So these are my little pilgrim boys lol... Carter was playing with a diaper and for some reason I was being silly and put it on his head... and he kept it there! It looked so funny, so I got Aaron to do it too for a picture. 

After he threw a tantrum the other day in Ulta (those are becoming way too frequent), we went next door to Carters.. thank goodness that place is kid friendly!
 And the crazy climbing has begun
 I parted little man's hair for church the other day lol he looked very handsome
 I guessed that Carter was getting sick of the few toys we brought out here, so I treated him to a new airplane!! He loves that thing
 His favorite part is putting the shapes in the holes... who knew?
I love this little guy, and Aaron reminds me how lucky I am that I get to stay at home with him all day, and play with him and watch him learn. (sometimes I do forget that these are really great moments... like days when he chucks the remote control at my face or has a meltdown in the grocery store). But even though it's becoming a more difficult stage, he's still SO fun, I can't imagine life without my little sidekick!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

trips to the park and the arch

Fun times for us this week, the weather has gotten less rainy so we've been busy outside!
I love my little Carter, just watching his movie on the computer
 The boys on the vivint team get together about every other week in the morning and play some softball. Carter loves to watch & runs out on the field... maybe he'll actually play one day!
 The vivint wives found a new park this week, and since it was a bright sunny day, I let Carter roam free, and this kid LOVES to be outside!
 This was after the park, outside our porch... he still hadn't had enough of the great outdoors
 Mother's Day! Carter's face is just so silly here...
 After church we went back to the park, and Carter was so exhausted, so he went out in the grass, just sat down and played with dandelions =)
I could have just fallen asleep in the handicap swing... if dang swings didn't make me sick!
 We drove downtown to see the arch after the park!
 Aaron & Carter
 Me and Carter

Happy Mother's Day! We sure love our moms!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

recent adventures

Most of Carter's and my days don't really involve that much of an adventure, but if we do get out to do something cool, it's a big deal for us!
Here's some fun pics of Carter hanging out with his friend Scarlet in the tennis courts =)

Carter really loves Paityn's dogs Shade & Callie
We went on a bike ride around the lake, with Carter in tow behind me... it was naptime so I was glad he fell asleep!
Carter getting technical in the apple store

me and paityn and the girls all went to see Water for Elephants and left the kiddos at home with daddies!
The other day all us girls went to the zoo! Here's me and Carter man on the train =)
Here's our clan so far: Marisa, Paityn, Jenna, me and Carley. Good times... it's a fun bunch I must say
Don't be grossed out by Carter's cracker crumbs hangin out his mouth. We were all just really excited!
Scarlet and Carter chillin again, taking a break at the zoo.. silly lil lovebirds =)