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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Free stuff!

Hello amigos,
I've just teamed up with some etsy sellers to do giveaways on my decor blog! All you have to do is comment to enter to win all sorts of fun things. Right now we're sponsoring Lily Gene, so head on over to!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I don't understand it!

So I'm confused about a few things....
Why must I wait for 20 minutes in Nordstrom every time I go to the Mac counter for someone to help me?! Seriously every time, and sure I've got a kid with me, but I still wear make-up too! So frustrated
Why do I get into ridiculous shows like the Bachelor?? NONE of the relationships ever pan out, and I mean, how could they?? One guy, "in love" with 20 girls at once. And being a girl, how could you actually fall for someone (for REAL) while he's mackin on other girls?! I don't get it.. but I watch it every time it comes around...
 I don't understand my bodybugg. It's supposed to be this convenient way to track your weight, calories, etc, but I have had the hardest time with mine! 
On that note... I don't know how I turned down the girl scouts who came knockin on my door the other day. I did, and I guess I'm proud that I sent them away..(but I secretly wish they'd come back!)

Anyone seen Paula's Live to Dance? I've mentioned it before, but why the huge jewelry?? She's MY height but wears the craziest stuff that just overwhelms her. I am baffled once again

And finally, why does my silly, cute little man love mac n cheese one day, then throws it on the ground the next? Why did he love green peppers but now won't touch them? So finnicky and I'm just stumped as ever.
But then again, look how handsome he is at church!...With his blankie he's now attached to ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Funny story: the day I met Aaron (not even our first official date), he had asked me if I'd ever been on a cruise. My response, being a little bit silly, was "no, are you gonna take me?" We both kinda laughed about it, but 3 years later, we finally got to go! I was nervous to leave Carter behind, although I knew his grandparents would take great care of him, and we had such a blast! We went on Carnival with 2 other couples and went to the western Caribbrean. It was cloudy most of the trip which was a bummer, but I'm so glad we got to do this.. the first big vacation since our honeymoon.
Here's us on the cruise ship, leaving Miami
The wonderful animal towels. (This was the first night.. we're guessing it was a sting ray?? Cooler ones came later)
 Our group: me and Aaron, Jared and Malia, and Paityn and Mark. Soooo much fun with these guys!
 The girlies
Oh, the girlies again, glammin it up
Me and my handsome Air Bear
First port was Grand Cayman, where we got to snorkel and play with the sting rays! So cool

This almost looks fake doesn't it? Amazing
Aaron and Jared messing around with the sting rays...
I'm the only one of our group that took advantage of the coconuts. Haha
The ship from the port
Me and some strange statues they had lurking about the casino

Cozumel was our second port... the boys snorkeled while the girls hung out on the beach. The peacocks were so cool!

Silly Aaron and Jared
The little "peacock lounge"

We rented jeeps that day. Just too windy for the back seat!
So gorgeous!
3rd port was Belize. The water was so choppy, it took hours for the little tenders to even get close enough to the boat to let off us passengers. And it was kinda rainy, but still fun. Belize was crazy to me, because it looked just like Guatemala where I lived for a summer, rundown and very 3rd world, but it was trippy seeing everyone speak English! 

Mayan ruins

Last port was Roatan, Honduras. Disappointing day for snorkeling because of the stormy weather which led to murky, trashy water. But hey we ended up eating at Coconuts, a restaurant with panties and bras and boob jokes all over the place. I don't think the boys minded! 

The warmest day was probably the day we got off the ship and spent a few hours in Miami. We laid out on the beach and I insisted on finding Dash (from Keeping up with the Kardashians). Disappointing in case you were wondering ;)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Provo Gurls

If you haven't seen this passed around email and facebook yet, you have to watch it. So funny and so TRUE!!! Bahahahaha!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas and catching up

My bad, I haven't blogged in like ages. I get wrapped up in my decorating blog I forget to report on my family! Whoops, I guess my New Years resolution shall be to prioritize?

Well a few weeks ago, I took Carter outside to enjoy his first "snow." As you can see, he just wanted to eat it all. 
 During an attempt to Christmas shop at the mall, and keep my little tyke sitting still in his stroller, I bought him a chocolate sucker. Bad idea... ended up even in his hair.
 Back home to Yakima... I am posting this pic just to show you what happens when you eat too much Christmas candy.. (besides the extra pounds I put on). You end up at the dentists with a few cavities... I won't tell you how many... okay I had 6. Hello Dad in the corner
 My uncle has a really cool barn out in Selah, WA where it's become an extended family tradition to do the nativity scene in it since it kinda resembles a stable. This is Carter with my little cousin David, just a couple months apart. 
 And by the end of Christmas Eve, this is how C ended up.... poor guy got sick on the trip, and we're still trying to get him better! Love these cheeks though =)
So this little pink pony was not Carter's present... it was for my little sister Alice, from Santa...
 Interestingly enough, Carter loved that little pink horse!
 Oh there he is, at it again the next day
 This is my sweet baby brother Joseph.. happiest baby you'll ever see. He's so chill and so sweet! He's turning one this month
 Little Joseph and Carter... BFF's. Okay not really... They didn't play together all that much, but hopefully next year!
The kiddos playing again, with cute little Mia

Aaron pushing Carter in (once again) NOT his present... I think this was my little sister Mia's baby doll stroller lol Carter actually fit just right
 This box warrants an amazing story. 
My little brother Kent is on a mission in Texas, he just left in September. We got to talk to him on Christmas day, and it was so great! Anyway he gets my brothers on the phone and says, hey I buried some treasure for you out in the field. He tells them the exact location, to take some shovels and go dig it up! Mind you the ground has snow and is frozen, so it took some time but they found it!

 And inside the box, my cute little brother had bought presents and gift cards for all the family, MONTHS before Christmas, and before he left for his mission! And the fact that he made it a treasure hunt is just so cool... =) (Why does my head look so gigantic in this picture? I have no idea)
In fact, Kent deserves a picture lol... such a stud! We miss him but are very proud 
Anyway, we visited my mom down in Portland for a few days after Christmas and that was great... why did I not take more pictures, I don't know! But Carter was very glad to be home I think. He's obsessed with some new toys that he got... even more magnets for the fridge!
 Happy boy, we love him

Happy NEW YEARS everyone!!

I wanted to post this mostly for my family, it's a little long, so don't feel like you have to watch it ;) I just thought it was so cute, my little brother Luke, playing and dancing with Carter