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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The progression of smiling =)

Our little baby is 6 weeks today (I can't believe it) and has been quite good at smiling lately. I love it!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Carter's Blessing Day

Well these photos got put in here backwards and I can't figure out how to fix it! But today was Carter's Blessing Day and it was great! Aaron's mom and my parents came to town to be a part of it which was so nice, and other friends and family came as well. Here's Aaron and his best bud Ryan with their boys- Carter and Kaden.

Carter has started smiling this past week and it has been the cutest thing! He really loves his Grandma Belinda!!

The girls at the "afterparty:" Val, Mckenna, me and Tasha. I realized today that I have a really gorgeous sister and friends!

4 generations: Carter's great-grandpa, dad, and grandpa. My dad looks like he has a glowing bowl on top of his head!! lol (Just a lamp)

Us with little baby. During the blessing, Carter lost his binky and started crying through the whole thing. It was funny.. he's always a good baby but today ended up being a little overwhelming for him I think.

Recent photos... baby sleeping away, posed like this himself

We got our Christmas tree up, and had to rearrange almost our entire house to find room for it!

Carter loves staring at the lights from his swing... so funny

We hung out with our buds Paul and Alicia, so Carter was reunited with his girlfriend Capri. They are so cute together!

The dads with their babies =)

Silly baby with his smile and what Aaron thinks is rooting for UNC, calling them #1.

Carter got a new snowsuit this week from his great-grandpa Roger. Reminds me of Christmas Story where the kid is bundled up and can't move =)

One of my favorite pictures... Carter chillin with daddy on the couch

And finally, our little naked baby and his growing body =)

Friday, December 4, 2009


For Thanksgiving, we headed on a road trip with Carter up to Portland to see my mom and the rest of my family. Carter did really well in the car, just slept almost the whole drive but we found that he didn't do so well the day after.. I guess he had gotten too much sleep and needed to readjust again.

Baby getting a sink bath

Carter with his great grandma and grandpa Croft (my mom's parents).

The Family Band.. I guess we've got quite a musical family. Melanie's awesome on the piano, and with Kent on drums and Craig on guitar. It was really loud at my mom's house..

Carter is wearing his Thanksgiving outfit his auntie Val gave him... a turkey onesie and pants!

And here is auntie Val with a very alert Carter

Daddy with baby.. this one of my favorite outfits of Carters.. and I love his chubby cheeks hanging over!

The close-up. Gotta love it!

One of my best friends Julie also happened to be in town, so they stopped by so we could catch up and see each others babies!

Silly boys nappin before church. Carter always sleeps with his arms up like this and Aaron wanted to try it out.

Aaron has found out that Carter likes books already

Carter got a new swing from his grandpa Dave the other day and seems to really like it!! I'm grateful for that because this little tike wants to be held all the time!