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Friday, October 5, 2012

Houston, we have a problem

We are no longer friends.
Coming this close to buying a house and living out there permanently is actually kind of scary now that we think of it.
Not that we didn't like Houston, because we did, but the summer just got old and we realllly missed Utah.

SO NICE to be back. And here is where we are staying (yay!)

Here's our last couple weeks out there in the heart of Texas..

The boys lookin sharp for Church. We're kind of obsessed with Carter's wing tips
 A frequent visit to Firehouse Subs.. I told Carter to smile, and he winked instead. Silly kid
 Carter was dang happy about the "house that almost was." We're sad we don't have that house, because we LOVED it but fingers crossed to getting one out here in Utah County.
 Last week in Houston, we tried everything to keep us sane- hit up the parks again

 Took Carter to a stranger's birthday party at a trampoline place (Aaron's customer invited us, and we're weird and actually went).
 I saw this months ago and refound it and it is just as funny, and even more true =)
 Carter is crazy obsessed with Aaron. I think he missed Daddy over the summer, so now Mommy is not good enough, Daddy has to do everything, and he'll always choose to go with Aaron. I really don't mind, because I'm ready for a break too.. just as long as this doesn't end up being a long phase!
 Another last trip to Kemah boardwalk

Carter has these wooden play food things, which you cut with this little wooden knife. And he insists on taking that knife everywhere... 
 And we made it back to UTAH!! My brother Kent just got home from his mission about a week ago, and we got to see him just for a few hours when he and my dad stopped through Utah for a BYU game. He's at the airport with my sister Melanie =)
We crashed at my sister Valerie's house the night we got into town, and Carter insisted Aaron sleep with him (of course) so they slept on the floor!
 It's always expensive when we get home from the summer, having to stock up on groceries again, and get back to normal. We made a Target trip, where Carter is still in love with hot dogs. But of course he has to eat them upside down. Not messy at all!

 To my shorties out there: Me and Aaron had a good laugh over this and decided it should be hanging in our house somewhere, as our family motto ;)


Kanani said...

Is it weird that I'm glad you guys are staying in Utah. Also, Carter is the cutest kid ever. I would have babies if they came out like that, but they don't.

Julie said...

What?! You're staying in Utah now? I'm going to have to call you to find out the details.