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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Catching up

Wow I feel like I've done nothing until I go to blog and realize I have so many pictures I want to post of fun things, and then I'm way behind! Here's some of the recents:

Witches Night Out
Me and my sister Val started a yearly tradition of going to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village, and we try to recruit whatever girls want to come with us. This year was just us two plus our friend Jamie (and Carter only because I had to bring him). It was lots of fun!

Here's me and Val (whose wig made her look like the short king from Shrek! lol) and some random nosy girl that popped in for the picture!
 Here's poor Carter, thinking what in the world did I get myself into?
 Crazy Val, without the wig but with her crazy mask
 Us posing in a home decor store with Jamie.
 Carter laughing hysterically with Auntie Val
 And us 4 for another pic. It was super fun =) Next year I will get a babysitter if Aaron is outta town again... Strollers are just a no-go at things like these!
Me and Val being silly again.. she totally looked like a man at times lol
 These crazy tall guys were pretty fun.. Carter doesn't seem to get scared by anything though...

Carter's Latest
Man I love this kid. He's just learning so much and is so active and funny. I can hardly get mad when he does things like empty the saran wrap and grocery bags everyday.
 He's almost 1 and 20 pounds so we ordered a big boy car seat. He's just trying it out at home and as you can see, he's really liking it!
 Love this raccoon hat.. and he actually isn't too bad at keeping it on
 So this was a weird day where Carter was supposed to be taking a nap, but for some reason got ahold of his shoes and was just balling... I noticed that he would grab his shoes a lot and cry, and I realized that it's because he wanted me to put his shoes ON. In the following pictures you will see them on...
Shoes on with no pants. And he's figured out that a cell phone goes by your ear.. he walks around saying "hi" with my phone =)
Shoes on OVER his jammies, plus a back pack!! (getting into the infamous saran wrap and bag drawer)

 No shoes at all... I had forgotten this particular day.. I'm not entirely used to him walking! We were messing around at Toys R us!
We ordered a baby trailer for bikes from amazon, and took him for a ride. He did okay, I think he was more confused.
Mommy and Carter
Just lays down on the kitchen floor to drink his milk... so weird
 And he really likes berries
Riding the dog mannequin at Old Navy

Pumpkin Carving
We only got one pumpkin kinda last minute this year, but we let Carter stay up longer that night to carve it. He messed around in the pumpkin pulp and just put it in his mouth.

Another "hike"
In random order because I'm lazy, here's some pics of a hike we took the other afternoon with our friends Jake, Lauren and Oliva up to Bridal Veil Falls
Jake and Olivia with her cute sunglasses
 Me and Carter
 On the way up, there were lots of tree branches, and poor Carter was sitting in the carrier while Aaron had him on his back, and Carter started crying outta nowhere, because a branch hit him in the face and cut his eye and scratched up his face!! Poor guy...
 The kiddos after the hike
 Our fam
 Daddy and baby

Halloween Party
This year Carter's costume was the inspiration for the rest of ours.... my stepmom had found a cute dragon costume from the Martha Stewart magazine, so I attempted to make my first costume! Carter was the dragon, Aaron was a knight, which was really easy to make too, and I rented a princess dress. So my knight in shining armor had to rescue me from the dragon =) Unfortunately we didn't even get a pic of us all together!
 I think Aaron really liked his costume, yeah?
 So mad that this is blurry... but here's our little dragon!
 I hoped the tail wouldn't get in the way or make him trip, but it was so perfect! It was hilarious watching him walk around, with his little tail dragging.
 Carter loves Paityn.. Olive Oyl I should say =)
 Our friends Jared and Malia... so funny
 Me and the hubs

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our sweet little boy

This is our little baby.. our SON. Named Carter.  Taken about a month ago when our friends Jake and Lauren babysat. They have a little girl. And this is what happened while we were gone. Carter is liking this way too much!!  And he will hate me one day for posting it for all to see =)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hiking mania

As if you want to see any more hiking pictures, but that's pretty much all we've been doing lately that's camera-worthy!  This was a GREAT hike compared to the last one ( we were very prepared this time!)  Up to Stewart Falls, just past Sundance. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hikes, motorcyles, and mischief

We've been having a lot of fun lately since Aaron takes most of October off!

 These pics were from our Washington trip... hangin out at my dad's house

 New Thai restaurant (my fav!)  I'm not sure how Carter liked this Buddha, his size
 This disgusting snake was in my parent's room! The cleaning ladies found it in some clothes on the floor, and Aaron was the only man home, so he was the one to dispose of it... gross

On our drive home from yakima, we stopped at a gas station and saw the Oscar Mayer bus gassing up!

 Carter and his crazy hair
 So we went on yet another hike, if this pic looks familiar. Nope, just the same pose! We went up the American Fork canyon and hiked up to Silver Lake and I wanted to kill Aaron! We didn't plan this well, and the hike took us 3 hours... all of which Carter got starving, hadn't had a nap and it got cold, and started to get dark. All because Aaron insisted on getting to the top! But it was okay, because Carter actually handled it better than I did haha... we did survive, I'm just in charge next time =)

 This was a little reservoir more towards where we started the hike. The plan was just to go around this lake a few times... til Aaron found the trailhead up the entire mountain... :/
 We reached the top!!! Me and Carter needed a break
 At least it was really pretty up there!
 Silver Lake
 Cute. I did forgive Aaron, mind you
 So Grandma Belinda and Grandpa Steve came to town! They brought Carter some fun toys and these are his favorite, as you can tell hehe
Have I mentioned APX throws the best parties? This past weekend, Apx hired Nitro Circus to come do a show! I wasn't super familiar with Nitro Circus, but it's a dirt bike show that's actually on MTV, featuring Travis Pastrana. It was so rad, the pictures don't even do it justice.
Me and the hubs. Oh PS if Aaron looks all skinny, it's cuz he is! He did this Master Cleanse for about a week and dropped like 12 pounds! I think it was crazy though.. I would never...
 Auntie Val came with us and Carter had a blast. Val held him the whole time so it was really nice for me to get a little break!
 I don't know that man in the back, but he must be crazy...
 So these motorcyclists (?) is that what you call them? They were dropped out of a helicopter to start the show!
 Everything looked really cool with the mountains as the backdrop. Love Utah for that
 I think this is Travis Pastrana.. can't remember
 This whole dirt area was set up on the front lawn of the new Apx building. Crazy
 Unfortunately i didn't get very cool shots, my timing just sucks. But the show was awesome! Never thought I'd be a fan of this kind of stuff, but alas.. it was great