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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Catching up.. umm Happy New Year!

I'm a slacker and haven't posted since Christmas, whoops. I guess a lot of things have happened in the past month, most good!

First off, it's not exactly news anymore since everyone knows, but we're going to HOUSTON this summer, woooo! It's gonna be hot but Texas is fun, plus my brother is serving in Houston, PLUS one of my besties Jenna lives in Dallas, so I'm planning on a pretty sweet summer =)

A few weeks ago, Carter's buddy Kaden came to play.. They were pretty cute, hiding in the toy box
 In case you forgot what me and Aaron look like, here we are. I wish you could see my tights. They are black polka dot and Aaron got them for me. So proud ;)
 Went through the car wash for the first time in a LONG TIME. Carter was intrigued.. plus he got a sucker out of it
 Carter on the playground.. throwing rocks on his head

STORY: So back during Christmas-time, Grandma Belinda and Steve got Carter a ginormous train set and table. Carter got so many presents over Christmas, he couldn't even appreciate them, so we waited to open the train set. It sat in our entryway still wrapped for weeks, and Carter never noticed til the day Grandma Belinda came to visit! He must have been holding out so she could be there =) He kept trying to sneak and open it, and grab her hand so SHE could open it, and finally we all broke down and ripped it open. Carter was so excited...
 We set up a few tracks and let him just play with that for a few days...

And then one day, during his nap time, I earned the Mom award of the year. I set the whole dang thing up! Three hours later, we had this beauty (which I might add, is STILL sitting in our entryway since our condo is too small for it to be anywhere else).
 Happy boy=happy mommy

 BUT poor Mr Carter got sick.. well, we both did with annoying colds. Poor guy had diarrhea, thus diaper rash for a solid week. Not fun. Between his train, and kickin back watching Rio for the 1000th time since Christmas, he did just fine =)

 Not thrilled about having our dirty laundry dumped out everyday, but then I can't help but chuckle that Carter climbs in the basket and hides under it...
Carter has been working on his drawing skills.. at Menchies frozen yogurt (new favorite sneak food!)
 My little boy bringing home his drawings from nursery.

 Found this super cute fedora the other day for 10 bucks. Wasn't super hopeful he'd keep it on because he hates hats. 
 But behold!
He's even making a silly face, that he actually likes his outfit for Church. Kept it on the whole time. I was so glad
 Carter has an interesting relationship with Winnie the Pooh here. He thinks it's funny to walk around with Pooh's shirt strapped to his foot. I checked on him during nap time, again with Pooh's shirt wrapped around not one, but BOTH feet. Amazed at how this even occurred...
 Costco trip yesterday morning, and this is the snack he wanted. I could not object. 

Had a fabulous baby shower for one of my best friends, Paityn this weekend!
Yummmmy food.
 Some of the amigas, Lauren, me and Carley
 Paityn with the shower planners... Malia, Stacey and yours truly. We had a fantastic time. I love hangin with the girls

And my last batch!
SNOW!!! Utah has been so weird this year, but we finally got some! Carter thinks the word for "snow" is actually "snowman" and asks me to sing Frosty the Snowman everytime we step outside. It's cute, he's actually catching on to a lot of the words

 Licking the slide... more than anything, he just likes to eat the snow..

 So happy outside.... which would explain the tantrum he threw when we had to come in for lunch... snow was all he wanted to eat.
 Since the mountains got snow FINALLY, Aaron was able to go skiing! His stepdad Steve was in town, so they went up to Canyons and had a blast. Aaron hasn't even been since we've gotten married, so I'm glad he finally got the chance =)

That's all folks!