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Monday, February 7, 2011

Deep in the heart of Texas

Once upon a time I was a college student, living with random roommates in Provo, Utah. One day a girl moved in named Jenna, and became my room-roommate. Both being short, ex-cheerleader Washingtonians, it was obvious we'd be the best of buds, and we were.  My parents even raved about Jenna, saying she was so fun and cute and that she needed to marry into our family! Needless to say I had no brothers her age, so we just continued our single fun crazy lives.

After both serving missions, and being back in Utah again (though sadly not roommates), I started dating my soon-to-be husband.  Then a certain cousin of mine returned from his mission named Bennett. 
And what's a girl to do?? Bennett and Jenna here were engaged by the time I got married. =)

Soooo, since Bennett and Jenna are living in Texas for dental school, I decided it was time for a visit!  Crazy that we're married now and have kids, but it was so much fun!
Carter loved their new baby Cameron... I think he was being gentle
BFF for life... Jenna has no choice anymore, she married into the family
Cute little Avarie on the swing with Jenna. Carter and Avarie are only a few weeks apart.
 Carter and me
Ohhhhhh swinging together... that means they're married!!!  Ok just kidding, they're 2nd cousins so that is not allowed ;)
Hangin out in the back seat with the binkies
And obsessed with Elmo ( I believe.. either that or Einstein)
 We got to go out to Bennett's parent's house.. my Aunt Shirlene's and hang out with some family!
And here's Bennett, looking like he's being mauled by the two gremlins!
The little kiddos really did have fun together. And Jenna (the hairstylist) and me (just plain silly) thought our kids would look funny with their hair like this, and they did
And I just couldn't get enough of this little guy. Sweetest little baby ever. 
The End of my story. Friends who marry into the family are the best... you never lose touch =)

Friday, February 4, 2011


Carter with blankie at church. And he's got this look on his face like "you can't make me sit still at church." And he's absolutely right
 This was back at Aaron's Aunt Carol and Uncle John's in Arizona. He's starting to loves cars =)
 Happy boy at Grandma Belinda's

 Carter ate quite well I hear while we were on our cruise. =) That makes 3 of us
 Turning into such a curious, busy boy

 He's soooo happy and fun, but....
 This kid is into EVERYTHING!!

 I don't know how well you can see this, but this is where he sits... on the floor with a mat underneath, but still manages to throw food all across the kitchen.
Throws all the books off the bookshelf then stands on them

 Alright this one is really cute to me... he loves the fridge. He loves the little low button he can push to turn the light on and off... and loves to take things on and off the door. So curious!

 uhhh yep, this is what entertained him for about 20 minutes in my bathroom. Why not a toy Carter??
This is my jewelry bin... on the floor. With tangled necklaces, one lost earring to every pair, he's broken a few and I catch them in his mouth! 
Anywho, Aaron was only home in Utah for 4 days in January, that's how hectic it's been around here. I went to visit my bestie Jenna in TX last week (pics coming!) while Aaron headed to NY for a recruit...
They went up to Niagara Falls... amazing in winter but soooo freezing

It's getting busy with work for Aaron, getting preseasons in, getting (and keeping) recruits, checking out the area, which will be ST. LOUIS this summer. We're excited and the team is looking really good so far!
The other night we had a little dinner- okay big dinner, at Chef's Table, which I had really been wanting to try, with some peeps from our team last year.

 And Apx is now VIVINT! Wooo hooo! Long story why, but it's the same company with fancier stuff and a new image... yes, vibrant orange. We went to a Vivint party tonight and are rockin our new t-shirts
Go us =)