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Monday, June 25, 2012

Heading into July in Houston

Broke through the triple digits today.. around 102 degrees.
It was hot but not as bad as I anticipated, maybe that's because unless we are at the pool, we gotta stay indoors!

A guy on our team has a bird that Carter loves =) 
 One of Carter's little friends, Capri, likes to tell him what to do, and he just does it lol.  She wanted to brush his hair, so she held him still while she could do that =)
 Silly little kids in masks!
 His faces absolutely crack me up. And the fact that he puts little balls in between his toes.
 This was Father's Day... really wore Carter out
 I bought Carter this Melissa & Doug wooden food set. He can "cut" the foods, but they velcro back together.. He LOVES these things...
 He drags them all over the house, including along the tub while I am taking a bath. So relaxing, let me tell ya
 Last week, we made a trip down to Galveston! It was Carter's first time ever at the beach and it was SO FUN. He loved the sand and he loved the water. And he always loves playing with the fun group of kids we've got out here.

 Funniest story:
Carter loves chasing birds.
He started running after seagulls and pigeons at the beach and I just thought it was funny- poor kid will never catch one! He grabs a bucket and runs after them again, which is even funnier, and then he actually catches a pigeon in his bucket!! I couldn't believe it. I made him let the pigeon go, but after that Carter still wouldn't stop... He caught another pigeon with his bare hands! Who knew I had a little bird catcher?!
 Trip to Sam's club the other day. As tradition whenever I get raspberries, Carter gets to hold the whole tray on the way home ;)
 Dinner Saturday night after the boys hit their goal. Carter and his buddy Kaden behaved while watching Ratatouille.. Works every time ;)
 Look at that tan little boy with his white bum!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Already June

Can't believe our summer is already almost half done.. it's been fun so I can't complain.  Here's some goodies from the past couple weeks.

I let Carter cuddle with me before his nap one day... and then he fell asleep in my lap! I love it
I turned 28.. yippee!
Carter's friend Capri finally got out here so they have a great time at the pool everyday.. and playing with dogs
We ordered Carter this little truck loader track which he LOVES.. here's my boys setting it up =)
My parents and sister came to town! Carter really liked hangin with "papa."
And swimming with papa
Mel and me!
We took Carter to the kids museum on a free day... it was so awesome!
This old school phone robot was way cool
Carter really loved pretending to drive the cop car. So did Aaron
And we finally spotted the vivint billboard that was promised would be up in downtown Houston. So far not huge results, but at least it familiarizes people with the company. The boys are still selling great, and Aaron had his best week last week!