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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas fotos

I'm an idiot and didn't take any pictures during Christmas. I feel like Christmas really crept up on us and it was weird because A, there was no snow, and B, it was our first Christmas in Utah, without going home to one of our parents' houses.
My mom and 2 brothers, Craig and James came down, and we all spent Christmas at Valerie's house in Lehi, and it was great!
We have a family tradition of watching Santa come and deliver our presents, while we're hiding behind the furniture. Everyone is supposed to be QUIET, so Santa has no idea you're there, he thinks you're asleep in bed, and if he hears a peep, he'll get scared and run away and you won't get your presents!
Well, this year Carter didn't get it. We practiced the night before, and Carter seemed to understand that you gotta be quiet and stay in your hiding spot. But for some reason, early Christmas morning when Santa came, Carter wiggled loose, and ran right out in the open, pointed and said, "SANTA!!!"
Needless to say, "Santa" (aka my little bro James) made a quick, awkward exit, not having been prepared for that. But he did leave Carter's new wiggle bike =)

Well, all we got are shots of Carter... 
Playing with sprinkles in the suitcase.

Carter is obsessed with milk- that's all he eats, and I swear he must overdose because every once in a while, he'll throw up his milk in the morning. It's getting bad.
Anyways, he was a happy boy Christmas eve. Check out my sister's awesome beautiful new kitchen in the background =)
 My mom with Carter.. they had fun together =)
 Auntie Val with Carter, again. He calls her "buddy"
 Carter's uncle Ryan sent him the coolest present- a light up runway bib and an airplane spoon that also lights up! Hopefully this means the kid will actually start eating...
We had an awesome Christmas and were very spoiled by our families. We love them lots

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Go to Church =)

Don't get the wrong impression- I'm not trying to be preachy or braggy, but I had one of those "Sunday" experiences that I've got to share. Aaron is out of town and we had a late night last night, so Carter ended up sleeping in, as did I. Needless to say, I knew there was no way we'd make it to Church on time, and then I felt very unmotivated to go at all. I figured Carter would be grouchy anyway and I'd have to deal with that the whole time. But, good for me, I put my game face on, (and my skirt and heels of course), and made it to Church.
After Sacrament, I spotted a friend whom I really don't know all that well, but I knew she had dislocated her ribs a few weeks ago, so I went to go check on her and see how's she's doing. Turns out there is probably worse damage under her ribs and they haven't healed right. She works 3 jobs- one being a teacher! And is married, but has no kids. I know she's so extremely busy and is probably physically and mentally exhausted most of the time. 
We were chatting about that, and I asked about her wanting to have kids in the near future. Turns out, they've been trying for a year, have been on fertility drugs, and nothing has helped. She doesn't even produce enough progesterone to hold a baby even if she did get pregnant. This friend of mine LOVES kids, and it's what she most wants out of anything in life. 
Now, I'm not a huge hugg-y person, and I don't like to cry in public, but in that moment, listening to her talk about her trials, I just felt so sympathetic. I hugged her and cried with her. I can't relate to her situation but it sure made me appreciate what I've got, and I can imagine the devastation of not being able to have kids. It would kill me.
I believe in miracles, as does she. I don't think it's fair that some people get pregnant "on accident" with a child they can't even provide for, while someone like my friend is denied that blessing. I'm confident that one day, this life or the next, she'll experience that joy, but for now I'm glad to have been at Church today. I'm grateful to have felt like I was there for someone, that she trusted me enough with her feelings and frustrations, and that I'll better know how to be a friend to her from here on out. 
Church isn't always about the lessons that an instructor teaches. I think we're supposed to go because you never know where the Lord will direct you.

And I'm grateful for this:
My silly, crazy little toddler who has the funniest personality =) I too often take motherhood for granted.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Update on the boys

Most of our family and friends have heard, but Aaron has had A ROUGH year health-wise! A few months ago, he had surgery to fix 2 hernias. But he has had crazy stomach and back pain that attacks on random nights, really since the summer. 
We had the cruise dilemma where he ended up in the ER in the Bahamas (luckily we found out insurance is covering that $1700 visit!), so we knew something was still going on.

Anyways, since the cruise, we discovered Aaron has gallstones which explains the intermittent pain, and might explain why he gets jaundice a lot. 
This weekend was a long one of surgery once again.
Friday morning he had his gallbladder removed, and everything went well, including the liver biopsy. 
But they discovered he had a gallstone blocking his bile duct so he had to get transferred to a hospital to have that taken care of on Saturday morning.
Basically we've been in and out of the hospital since Thursday night, but I'm glad to say he's finally coming home tonight!!
His eyes are still way yellow (scary!!) but they finally let him start eating today and shower. He's been bored but since we don't have cable at home, he's been catching up on his football games at the hospital. =)
Let's hope we are DONE with surgeries and pain and hospitals for a LONG TIME!! We need Aaron back!

On that note, Carter just randomly threw up Monday morning. And I thought, nooooo please do not be sick. Last time he had the flu, he got it 3 times in 2 months, and they lasted 7 days each time, throwing up every day, and Aaron happened to be out of town every single time!! I can't imagine if that had happened, and then had to deal with Aaron's surgeries at the same time, because that would have been a NIGHTMARE! 

Luckily, he got over it within a few hours, just took some cuddling and watching lots of Thomas the Train
 The next day he was up and about and practicing his colors on Twister! This kid looks quite skinny here.... I promise he's at least somewhat meatier than this!
 Carter got a new coat! A puffy one, and he loves it
 While Aaron was in surgery #1, I had to just get Carter out of there.. Seven hours in a surgical center, Carter did pretty well, but we took a break over to Krispy Kreme. He loved it
 He was really intrigued by the conveyor belt making the donuts, it was really cute
 It was just me and Carter for Church today.
He cracks me up, just smiling in the back in his seat, wearing his blazer and eating his french toast =)
 He actually cried after Church when I tried to take his outfit off.. he's so silly!

Christmas festivities!!

Well, it has been a BUSY start to December... we're gonna take this one post at a time.
We got the tree up right after we got back from AZ from Thanksgiving. Carter really enjoyed "helping."
It's a very sparkly tree. Just how I like it =)

One of me and Val's bestest friends from Yakima, Jamie, came down from Salt Lake with her husband and son so we could decorate gingerbread houses!
(My Aaron was out working.. bless his heart)
My "jailhouse." It had pokey things on every side to deter potential predators. But Aaron still got to it, and ate half my house away.

Last weekend, Valerie had the fun idea to go to the Riverwoods to see the lights and go on a carriage ride! It was SO. COLD.

We met up with Val and Taylor for dinner at La Jolla (one of my FAVORITES!) and then met up with my cousin Heather and her husband Jake. The lights there are amazing. They almost beat going all the way to Temple Square..
 The horsey!
 For some strange reason, there were people with llamas there. Carter thought they were pretty funny, but the llama didn't take to him too well.

Carter playing at Blikenstaffs: vintage toy/candy store. He LOVES that place

 This is the 2nd time we've gotten Carter to sit on Santa's lap this year. Carter is not a fan, if you couldn't tell by his super nervous smile haha
 At least he got a candy cane out of it?
 Our whole group with Santa =)