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Saturday, October 15, 2011


Every year, we round up some girls for Witches Night Out... in the past it's usually been a small group, with me and my sister Valerie, and our friend Jamie (and unfortunately Carter last year!)
We finally recruited a bigger group and got witchy last night.. :)
When it gets late, and you've got a group of girls together (no husbands and no kids!), things are bound to get a little silly...

And on another festive note, we took Carter to the pumpkin patch the other night... 

This is the pumpkin he came home with =) Picked it out all by himself haha!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Call it laziness, call it busyness... either way I have been a slacker with the blogging. I have some more pics from our trip a few weeks ago, from our camping trip in Washington, and our trip to Montana. And some random tidbits

Auntie Val and Unlce Taylor sneaking Carter some treats at Blickenstaf's
 Carter thinks he's hiding pretty good under his blankie
 This is how Carter eats his PB & J- pulls them apart, then bites a hole in the middle
 This is Carter's latest "stink face" he makes randomly. He has "ow-ies" from falling off the playground onto rocks..  it was so sad

Yesterday we went on a little hike... Carter is getting heavy to carry around like this anymore, but he loves it!
 Seattle aquarium back a few weeks ago... Carter wasn't as into the starfish as I was

The children's museum in Seattle.. now, the cars and trains are what DO interest Carter
 We went to Red Robin with our friends John and Danielle. Carter got tired and was whiny which is too bad.. he's not living up to his potential as Carter the Great
 Me and Aaron on our 4-wheeling adventure in Washington

 I am such a rugged camper
 As is Carter
 My silly boys with dirt all over their faces after a ride on the quads

 Aaron insisted we take a "detour" back to Utah by way of Montana. I put up a fit, just because I don't love road trips, yet we always seem to be on one!! But we ended up having a lot of fun, visiting his stepdad Steve and getting all outdoorsy =)

Steve's fancy 5th wheel
 Cozy cozy by the campfire
 K check out this river- so beautiful. I love boating, all kinds. 
 Carter had a tantrum because he hated his life jacket... but then the raft lulled him to sleep... go figure.
 Steve and I chillin for our picnic =)

 So fun. Loved my "perch" in the back =)
And then on the road trip home, we stopped in Idaho Falls and met up with my bro Craig for dinner. We don't see enough of him! 
And here's silly man Carter with no pants...
Lastly, a weird shot, but I love the way babies sleep sometimes!