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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New blog!

So I've gotten obsessed with reading design blogs and about fun girly things (such as shopping and shoes) so I decided to just start my own! I'm no expert but I find it fun to at least dream about beautiful things I might want to own one day. =) Check it out, leave comments with ideas of your own projects, recipes, shopping deals, etc! Here is the link:
Meanwhile I will keep this blog up for our "family blog"

Sunday, August 15, 2010


This Friday the girls and I took our kids to the Findlay "Flag City Balloon Fest!" Every year they launch off hot air balloons during the weekend and let's face it, we've been so BORED that this was seriously so exciting to me! I loved the bright colors and Carter liked seeing them too and getting a balloon dog from a clown =)

Monday, August 9, 2010

The weekend

Carter (and I love his big cheeks here) posing with daddy on the couch

On Saturday, all us girls took our kids to the park. Carter LOVED the swing, he hadn't been in one since he was just a few months old, so this was a surprise!

Swingin along with his friend Olivia

You'd think we really like baseball:
We went to yet another MLB game yesterday. We actually took a little road trip to Detroit 2 hours away to see the Tigers play the Angels. It was quite hot out but we had a good time

The boys with Paws the Tiger after the game

There's us- our little fam sitting with the tiger.


So about Detroit- quite the city. Or not. There was nothing there!! It's so rundown and everything is boarded up. I had heard it was a dirty city but I had no idea til we went. We drove for 40 minutes downtown trying to find even a different restaurant but they were all shut down! I don't know how a community can even function without businesses, and most houses were pretty ghetto. Along our drive, we came across the road Eight Mile, after the movie where Eminem grew up. I guess that was cool.. but not that cool. I guess I'm glad we went cuz we know we'll never go back!